08 November 2011

Life bestowed! One Buddhi & Two Brains: part –II

                                                                      In continuation to part-I 

        The most interesting part lies, in the connection of these two halves of the brain. It is on the basis of which, we can able to distinguish by a set of different functions of the connecting bridge…

        The Nature has already made in between the bridges of the brain larger for Women than for Men.

        That is one of the reason why women are more expressive of the emotions and are able to empathize and understand others emotions more easily. The women are also supposed to have a better functioning of intuition, which is known as ‘women instinct’.

        However, the men do not have it as much to begin with. But men having smaller bridge between left and right brain have far more interconnections in this link. So they tend to rationalize things much more and are less easily swept away by their emotions. But they also tend to be less spontaneously communicative of their emotions…

        But with training both left and right brains can acquire full harmonization. As things are, women tend to lose the rational element, which would come by limiting the bridge between left and right brains. Besides, men tend to gain on the emotional and rich sensory experience of life, which comes from widening that bridge...

        Thus,by conscious training one can able to widen the bridge and yet limit its scope at will, as needed by situation. As such, train the left brain, train the right brain and harmonize the working of both! This is necessary for complete development.

        A genius is one who has actually done all three… everyone can potentially do it.

        When,this operation of the left and right brains harmonized together is what we call the “BUDDHI”the Intellect. In modern studies trends to categories the intelligence into seven types. It is not so crucial for consideration on this issue, because the intellect and intelligence is one. And the types of intelligence only represent facets of expression of the same faculty ‘Buddhi’.
for Mind relaxation..

        Hope, this unique information of working the two halves of the brains and distinction between men & woman's separate working influence, will provide you some real benefits in terms of understanding each other’s compulsion & cause of action or reactions. 

        Thereby, greatly help to minimize conflict situations, considering the helplessness implied on either gender, by the Nature itself. So whenever your counterpart reacts in a different way, think about the post! and organize your appropriate responses! instead of reaction.
        Hope, its enough to understand & realize the fundamental cause of misunderstandings between opposite gender...or my approach as the case may be...:)

                                                                                     The End
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Bold lines are really attracting sir, good post,, something like awakening one :)

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Great efforts

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