06 April 2012


        As human being, committing mistake is unavoidable. So far sizes of the mistakes are concern it certainly matters.

        I am not talking about major mistakes, but like to point out, do not give too much importance to incidental mistakes of life. The importance of these incidents lies in the extent to which they have served to make progress. As soon as it happens, the consequences of past errors, leaving impression of appropriate realization need to disappear.

        There are some mistakes for which we may have to suffer all the life. That mistake can be one and enough… It does not mean that everybody suffer like that. There are people who go on making mistakes and yet do not suffer. But those who are born for leading a quality life, they have to be careful.

        Yes!Thinking too much about one’s impurities does not help, rather better to keep the thought on purity, as one want to acquire peace and light.
        It is all right to see the imperfections, on condition of increase of energy in the determination and future perfection. If the aspiration is there, what can’t be done today may be done in another day.

        If we have made mistakes in the past, the only way to repair the mistakes is to surrender truly, and do the best that human nature ascribes to us…

        It is always good to recognize our mistakes, and correct it instead of suffering. Always stay conscious of the mistakes and defects of the nature. All defects can be effaced by sincere aspiration and by transformation…

        Notably, a mistake that comes from judgment and the judgment comes from experiences through realizations. Mistakes are sometimes best memories; everyday is another chance to overcome mistakes in life. Stay alert and take mature judgment to avoid mistakes, as well as dealing with mistakes.

        In case a mistake is denied, means is the mistake one refuses to set right.

        By the way, don’t mistake or design ideas on what other have said, particularly when there is element of emotion & believe. Here, we are also not free from this virtue.

        Anyone can found selective hearts & feels gives towering support to  ‘interested mind’ site…Do consider their conduct as friendly sister or brother. So don’t mistake to follow their say, because they acquired the right to use passion, strike & integrity.

        I personally don’t mistake to maintain unsaid relation and enriched from their creative spirits… if one is exclusive, then the other is exceptional. I think it’s a unique experience to be in the focus.

        Hope the rest, now onwards will not take away mistakes, as subject or object behind from a creative expression.


N:B: Next release will be Nature's six Pack rare variety..


Vishal Kataria said...

Great post, sir!

Very nicely explained that mistakes are a part of life and that we must learn from them instead of living in denial...

Being_AC said...

@ Vishal Kataria,
Many thanks Vishal,

I like to emphasize, to draw energy from mistakes towards directing progress.. On the other hand, avoid to drawl it from everything & anything.:)
A conscious judgement.All the best.

Anonymous said...

We should learn and draw from the mistakes of our lives. A thought provoking post.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about > "Take..Mistakes!" < Loved it!

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