20 February 2015

DVC - Enterprise Architecture Smart Grid

 AN IDEATION... Concept to Commitment.   



     Preface: This is an aspect of my faith & thinking as being, moving from a place as a subject of imagination to a place, where my expectation is in a relationship to becoming an object for all of purposes. An IDEA perception from existing knowledge and information, when our Organization subscribe an environment, a condition to form a reality for IDEATION content, so that we beckons into collaborating all possible thinking, feeling and willing like they should belong.

At this ideal juncture, I prefer to enlarge the scope beyond the specified boundary, where the essence of my campaign virtually, a liberty for ‘Open to Change’ and address more equations, the freedom to secure capability and cares origin of best business requirement and solutions for the service of interest and purpose of DVC.

     Concept: Having some preliminary knowledge about the idea, the foundation of my business Ideation can be termed as “DVC-EA SMART GRID” (DVC- Enterprise Architecture Smart Grid). Actually an idea report which can be a vision, mission and concrete direction for reducing disadvantages, prolonging advantages, and creating or building new advantages, where “SMART” stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic & time based.

     Identity: Here the main objectivity is Enterprise Architecture, which is open as contextual, conceptual, logical, physical and instrumental for implementation of pivotal data functioning, evolving from affinity to abstraction. Likely, to build the right architecture for the organization in the order of prepares, design, implement, evaluate and govern sequence. The fundamental perspective and abstraction co-relativity is- what? (Data), how? (Function), where? (Network), who? (Employee/People), when? (Time), why? (Motivation)...

     Consequently, the entire idea is flowing in movements at the one end human ability of DVC with DVC (i.e. Data, Values & Capability), and at other extreme things called EA Smart Grid (ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE) and its derivative, for organizing sustainable outputs, spending purposeful time with it, and mark improvements through modeling extension of functional Governance, Services, Process, Data, Infrastructure Consolidation and causing Motion to Actions.

     Therefore, I consciously submerge all possibilities, probabilities and opportunities within a scientific strategy, instead of focusing on any specific area or activity of DVC. Since I believe EA Smart Grid can be an indispensable means in achieving competitive advantage and most efficient framework to streamline, conceptualize - innovate & practice - solve problems, or find suitable method to reduce losses.

     Actually, due diligence might open up further opportunities to face challenges like:-
When! Losing market share, competitive relevance or growth; Constantly changing needs of the business environment; Cost overruns occurring across business potentiality; Numerous existing or prospective projects to maintain & manage; Sustainable and integrated transformation; Executive Team for response to various questions; Technical advantages in bringing important business benefit to: Fundamental technology and process structure for a successful business strategy; More efficient IT operation; Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment; Faster, simpler, and cheaper procurement plan etc.

     Define: The Enterprise Architecture addresses all above needs, by providing a strategic context for the evolution of a system. Architecture allows more complete coverage of designed solutions, realistic migration planning and coordination of all enterprises and makes future growth certain in response to other field of the business. Moreover, a sustainable competitive environment will influence further hybrid impact to Macro Economic Analysis, Social Physics, Digital Economics, Eco-system Economies, Big Data analytics, Strategic Management and Innovation for powerful outcomes, for involving Global imprints.

     Explore: To introduce the concept, Meta structures TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is the right trajectory, what is called the bucket, above the method and the actual model, which is the architectural outputs. As it defines by the components of building blocks that make up the overall information system, a plan and systems developed, that work together to implement the overall system, such as Business, Data, Application & Technology Architectures models, patterns & architecture descriptions.

The focus on TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) which represent the enterprise continuum and the architecture repository and the Meta model, dealing with reference models, using the continuum, the repository of reusable assets, standard Information & resource bases, which is organized in a way that supports reasoning about the structural properties of the system to build any product or services more effectively and efficiently.

   Here, a description through diagram will make more sense to actual science:

Foundation of Enterprise Architecture Management ( The Source: http://www.mikethearchitect.com/togaf/ )

     The success rests upon alignment of architecture effort to business value, strong stakeholder engagement and a clear mandate.
   Action: Now, the goal of DVC-EA-SG (DVC Enterprise Architecture Smart Grid) is to determine and most effectively bring about its current and future objectives. This will help to achieve its business strategy, ensure development projects deliver on time and within budget, do support more consistent business process and information across all scopes of business units and projects even discover the power of data and use analytics to provide an edge to performances.
     That DVC- EA SG will not consist in gazing each other, but in looking TOGETHER in the same direction, and to learn from every event of our activities to create a cohesive organization, in the service of the business, society & self.

     Conclusion: I believe this actionable IDEA (Identity, Define, Explore, Action) has the capability of revealing connection to scout, plan, devise, and manage a strategy, in relation to quality focus on profit, enduring forward movement in time and upward movement in activity, and open up a different realm of reality. The best things in an Organization are those, what have gained by own efforts, which is less time you have to work with, the more things you get done. 

     DVC with its structure assets, organization of people, tools and open resources, conceptualizing sustainable movement on every fields like Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Regulation, Engineering, Finance, Commerce, Economics, Industrial, Conservation, Communication activities—seeking optimization of Capacity, Input Costs, Up-Gradation, Fuel & Inventories, Quality Power, Commercial Viability, Consumer Interests, Management & Social Services as the goal and work for change to lead. 

     I have already learned to balance experiential acquisition versus consumption ratio, random scientific & economic progression, some contributions are still prominent on different accounts of activities, as Material Management cadre identity. Hope, all Stakeholders will allocate their views and view points at the right architecture platform, for evolving a desirable architecture pattern for growth and stability.

       (The aspect of this idea is the prospect from Global open access (i.e. free study @ Open2Study- Introduction to Enterprise Architecture), I invite everyone to join the free interactive and MOOCs online classes from the World's best Universities and Institutions. Discover to study & learn something new, boost professional skills- join Open2Study or Edx or Class Central…many!… free of charge).
The Idea report is submitted to qualify as an entry to DVC Ideation Contest organized by the Apex Authority of Damodar Valley Corporation (Partner to Nation’s Progress).
     Many thanks to visit and take a different read.

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