18 November 2012

A Creative Leader! What people follow…?

        When we think about leaders, we try to find them in Politics but they are equally present at all movements of life starting from spiritual to social, corporate to art & culture, profession to business, sports & games to family heads…

        The fundamental quality is the spirit that lends power on a strong base…

        A Leader gradually develops the following traits.

  • 1.     He is first and foremost a true service provider, must not want the position. A good Leader has no value for worldly things which are temporary, pursues higher aims that are more permanent.
  • 2.     He is able to communicate vision to the people. A Leader must be established in higher values.
  • 3.     He is dedicated to the welfare of the people not driven by self interest.  A Leader must have an impeccable character and be above reproach.
  • 4.     He who invest his unique talent and energies in that field. A Leader born with to follow inner callings & believe to identify it.
  • 5.     He who believes intellectual judgments should prevail.  A Leader not gets distracted by whims & fancies, follows the clear reasoning of intellect & carefully thought decisions.
  • 6.     He distinguishes obligatory actions, desire driven actions & prohibited actions. A Leader with hard work performs obligatory duties free from attachment.
  • 7.     He performs action and ‘knows’ to work in a spirit of service and sacrifice for a higher ideal. A Leader must be in a foundation of a good higher ideal.
  • 8.     He who loves people and feels one with them. A Leader evokes a powerful response from the people in a spirit for progress.
  • 9.     He takes the stand and plays it to the best of his ability. The prerequisite of a Leader is his objectivity, witness attitude to become successful & happy.
  • 10.    He cultivates the quality from humans thought textures. A Leader is a person who is objective, subjective, creative & effective…

        Now walk the talk which attracted the attention and lead the objective, when a pure and passionate Leader achieved calmness and serenity forever… The State & Citizens offering memorable tribute to Balasaheb Thackeray! End of an unique Indian Sena… depicts as a genuine Leader, may his soul rest in peace, condolence to his huge followers, fans, critics, friends & families…

        People follow what he have done & achieved…