21 May 2012

Self Esteem! Divided loyalty…

        A small divided word sets the notion, a significant constituent of our personality, defines a condition, and gives impact on any individual’s action…

        The Self-Esteem dwells on two extremes either high or low, regulates one’s mood and activity, when the person deals with another person or person's.
        However, self esteem also affects and how other person retreat you in return.

Looking inside! Can be more important..
        The desired reality is, always one should be with high self esteem when your time is up to act, and to be in happy…and reach the centre of well being.   It is not an aspect of personal, rather tends to be social & global...

        As a human being, negative emotions like anger, frustration, envy, blame and impatience are common, we can’t avoid experiencing these emotions. Here, what is necessary is to give a time limit and choose to stop such thoughts or feelings replaced with positive one… a moral judgment.

        To do so counteract negative feelings, through your best means, like reading motivational thoughts, inspirational quotes, even laugh out loud helps. As laughter empowers in hopeless situations and gives a sense of control when things around seems crazy. If we can laugh at any situation one can survive critical things.

        Most often performance of random acts of kindness, sharing abundance & goodwill makes us happy and warm feeling of satisfaction, helps towards achievement of growing confidence.

Prosperity Consciousness! On  Stage drama..
        If you not getting handling out critics then try to give your critic a break…strategy is yours! I do prefer and praise them, because they take care of my free advertisement assignment, without investment… Make it a habit to repeat the affirmation sincerely and often…

        It is necessary to choose respond to situation & peoples on merit, behavior with dignity, courage & determination. Have to know to take a worthy direction & power to choose the image of a happy person, the qualities that reinforce all your good points.

        A smile is the first thing someone notices about a person, just listen to your instinct and appearance… fundamental approach…

        Finally don’t feel guilty about suspicious works…tell yourself you deserve it and believe in it; just reward your good work with a treat… Done!

        Be assured, disciplined progress & perfection needs self-esteem...

“You gain strength, courage & confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face” - Eleanor Roose Velt.


Panchali said...

Very inspiring ...a good read:)

Bhavana said...

very nice post!!!! Thank you!

Mahfud said...

It really inspiring me..
great quotes..

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ panchalibolchi,
Thank you,
Inclined for the purpose.:)
and now satisfied. BOL

@ Bhavana,
It's a pleasure,
So kind of you to prefer.:)
Wish best of luck.

@ Mahfud,
Thanks! for your visit,
Glad to know that you
achieved some inspiration..Great!

Animesh said...

very nice.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Animesh,
Oh! thank you dear.
All the best for your endevour.

Saru Singhal said...

I think a mix of both when applied in right spirit can lead to our development. A lesson learnt and thanks for words of wisdom.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Do believe, everyone is empowered to think & act differently..take progress with own perspective.
My development of this blog is to capture, which influenced my strong mental formation in the past, present & likely give wisdom in future, and sharing seems synonymous with concept..
Thank you to lead development.