20 August 2011

Mind works through Brain!

          The human brain is said to be using only ten percentage of its power. As a matter of fact, brain generates so much of electricity that it can pull a train locomotive. It’s mostly scattered & dissipated so much power of electricity. Like a 40 watts bulb when illuminated, light of the bulb gets scattered, can be visible from a certain distance only. But the same light if brought together in a pinpoint becomes laser and can cut a steel plate.

          All are aware, where our brain physically belongs, but if you want to locate! And bring it under control then one interesting act you can try…

          …Touch any two parts of your body, say ‘shoulder’ and ‘forearm’, feel which part is closer to you. All will say ‘shoulder’. Now between ‘shoulder’ and the ‘temple’, which feels closer to you? The ‘Temple’-it’s OK. Between ‘temple’ and the ‘forehead’, touch the different part of your forehead. Which part feels the closet to you?

          You all end up in the same place, few may feel differently and some may feel in the heart, but most of us will end up in between the eyebrows.
That’s the focal point of our I’ness and yet when we say I, how will we show? ‘I’-touching the heart!

          Here comes the concept of two I’s… One ‘I’ of emotions, the soul’s identity is located here! (Heart).  Another ‘I’ when I am thinking, the focal point of our mental ego, the mental identity, centered here! (Between the eyebrows).

Pleasure to Heart & Mind!
          The mind uses the brain as an organ, but mind itself is extended all over the body. As for instance, trained fingers work to play an instrument.

          Our mind is a public place, where thoughts are random and chaotic, mind can be brought into a focal point !!…


Saru Singhal said...

I love this post Sir, last line is so good:)

Hariharan Valady said...

An interesting exercise to locate the brain. Good article.

Sunil Deepak said...

Interesting to reflect on how our mind works and how we perceive the world

Unknown said...

Good one, loved the exercise to locate the brain.

Sarah malik said...

wow..this was quite new to me and i liked the concept too!
well its still actually a mystery as what actually forms our 'mind'..it is not just d brain but then what is it in totality? Maybe science comes up with other interesting answer as we advance!


Ashwini C N said...

'Our mind is a public place, where thoughts are random and chaotic, mind can be brought into a focal point !!'
Just luved this line. Great post :)…

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru Singhal,
Thanks! Saru for ur visit & subsequent motivational comments..Do consider! as an ordinary senior student..

@ Hariharan Valady,
Thanks my friend!

@ Sunil Deepak,
Thanks to offer relevant understanding. Yes! it's interesting & complex too.

@ Vikram,
Thank you for appreciation..
My best wishes,

@ Subtlescribbler,
Thanks Sarah,already much on this account has been discovered..mind has different layers & faculties. Pl find some informations from earlier posts...
The traits are influenced by genetic combination, generative & promiscuous computation...etc.

prasanna raghavan said...

another good one from you. thanks for the information.:)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Ashwini,
Thanks! equally the post loves ur mark of presence:)
As soon the mind become a 'Private place' the person becomes Great!!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ prasanna raghavan,
Thanks for ur kind comments.
It's the information when processed becomes knowledge!

Chapters From My Life said...

Quite interesting.

SuKupedia ™ :) :) said...

first time here.. :) :) enjoyed reading your post :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Farila,
Really satisfing..
Thanks a lot.

@ SuKupedia:):),
Oh! its a privilege :)
Thank you for ur visit & comment.
You may enjoy earlier posts also!

Nitin Jain said...

Amazing revelation, have observed this phenomena before but felt it today!

Kavita said...

I would love to to believe that I think from my heart... but I would lying to myself if I say so.. wouldn't I? :)

But really, I have this post now to remind me that it's okay after all.. :)
Thanks for this interesting read!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Nitin Jain,
Pleasing relevance,
Thanks Nitin, you might have not find such opportunity to agree :)

@ Kavita,
You are absolutely correct logically & scientifically!
Bcoz female counterpart has an additional
" Empathy circuit"..connected to heart! Now :):)
Thanks fr visit & genuine comments.

Indranil Bhattacharjee said...

Very good post !

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thank you Indranil,
Nice to find u here!

Atanu Chatterjee

Rajendra Raikwar said...

i will surely visit again

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Rajendra Raikwar,
Many thanks for the visit.
You are most welcome, I wish your progress..Best of luck

Unknown said...

But if I said, "Mind works through Heart" than?
Your post is Great!