06 November 2011

Life bestowed!Two Brains & One Buddhi: part -I

Refresh your Mind!

        Human brain with its infinitely subtle & sensitive organism works in the elusive substance of mind and respect the limits imposed by the fragile human body.
        We as individual human being are in possession of Two Brains, one is Analytic and the other is Synthetic, although which appears as one important organ…

        With the biological divisions of left and right brains, two branches of faculties are identified about the Intellect, also known as Buddhi.
        The left brain is primarily Analytic, while the right brain is primarily Synthetic
        The left brain handles numbers, quantities, grammar, logic, structure, and informationAnalysis.
        And the right brain handles meaning, feeling, understanding, intuition, comprehension, imagination, and creativitySynthesis.

        It is the left brain that divides information to study it. The right brain unites it all in order to understand.

        Already,you are aware & further being convinced that, we have two brains. Now, it is more important to know- Which brain is more important?...

        Let me explain and establish the facts before you to enable appropriate & effective realization, as far as possible. At least I’m hopeful; there will be some value addition and enrichment of understanding...

        To start with, if you do not have power of comprehension and creativity, life will stagnate in repetition of old information and habits, while will cease the opportunity of progress. That is why the right brain is called the master of knowledge.

        But, the left brain cuts up experiences into smaller pieces to acquire knowledge over details. The left brain is one that expresses what the right brain knows. That is why it is called the servant of knowledge.

        However, in general educational curriculum & syllabus all over the World, emphasizes the development of left brain faculties almost exclusively.
        Naturally the knowledge becomes fragmented due to under developed right brain faculties. But, you will find most extraordinary or prominent people have the right brain faculty equally developed...

        Thus, it is important and we need to develop both sides of the brain and harmonize their complementary working.

        In this connection be assured, that our education system take charges of development of the left brain faculties… Then how to develop right brain faculties? which is the master of knowledge. Sorry! I have no ready answer to this vital issue on this topic, rater left for individual judgment and analysis…

        Anyway, do you want to know? How sharp differences the functioning of these two halves of the brain is. See how!

        In practice, certain kind of ‘Epileptic’ patients, the doctors control their illness by cutting the link between the left and right brains, so that the two brains halves can function separately…
        Such a person, with separated brain connections, when asked to look at a photograph with right eye, which is connected to left brain- “What do you see?” He says- “I see a house, a tree & some water”… He is asked- “Do you like it?” He replies “I do not know”…
        The same person when looks at the same photograph with left eye, which is connected to the right brain, and once again asked same question… His reply “Oh!It is so beautiful!” next when asked “What does the picture contain?” He replies “I do not know”...

        This confirms the two operations are so distinct! Yes, you may verify the truth from medical fraternity experts.

        Therefore, it is necessary to train both halves of the brain separately and deliberately to produce a perfect equipped mind. Eventually, consciousness flows seamlessly from experience to expression from observation to insight, Right to Left, Left to Right. The connecting bridge in between also has the ability and need to be trained...

                                                                          ... concluded in part-II
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