25 October 2012

Experience given by Senses..Incorporated!

A sensible..Observation!

        It is not that I try to figure out any characteristics of sub-atomic particle or transgenic article; neither an intellectual endeavor nor an imaginative monologue or analytical transgression…to all intents and purposes.

        This is simply a rational activity of general relativity... to manage an extravagant pursuit of one idea. The response is critically based on Experience derived from the residency of the Blog site’s ignorance, adjustable preference to value based affirmation…It’s not a conflict between Image vs Reality, rather ground reality vs perception; viewable Virtuosity and audible Reality.

        In principle, I do hold the movement from silence to sound, and not allowed to suffice any posts since 9th. July’2012, in the light of reason and experience, which ultimately with time submerge to lose interest to act, having strategic disagreement, functional discord or cross functional concern & needs…

        The virtuous restriction has destinate to assert a condition…perhaps a tacit approval to enter a deal on economic model and be eligible to bring physical relief to the size-able published posts having block pictures. My all out effort repeatedly failed recovery from deterrent affiliation from last week of June’12. 

        Then the basic equation, conduct or webgenic association at different level, turned around to go with the flow… which do accommodates Ethics as much as Laws to function.

        A ‘judgment’ to stop postings on technical pursuit seems inevitable, as a natural tendency being in the right and conscious allocation, ultimately the result... experienced by senses, which took the circumstances with no imagination at work. 
        However the degree of choice assume my own Reality from underlying reality, spread balanced propriety, a set of combination in the process shaping from experiences.

        Thus, my judgment to be ‘present’ or ‘absent’ from the domain does not make much Sense, what make sense is called phenomenon… no personification but organizing some index of self respect. A ‘sense’ to perform in ways that seem appropriate, basically commuting to a meaningful and fulfilling purpose, it’s the sub-conscious impact of the cutting edge rationale sense of balance and proportion, where Experience is the next frontier…

        Taken the circumstances…of Reality, something that we each construct for ourselves… built around the idea of thoughts calls for Arrangements… In sequence I make some arrangements to manage... Self, functions, considerations and impacts; planned own work, content, quality and reliability…much happy! These do not suffer from attachment shock…

        I know that any Arrangement sooner or later will break down or has to change or meet re-arrangements.

Re-arranged Angle!

         Now let me set the tone for assessing the dimension of the revealing Experience escalates by evidence, when I suddenly recognize about lifting the constituent embargo of hosting to my web Album. I unearthed this reality at the last week of August’12, thereafter manage uploading and added another 500 picks at own dispensation. Subsequently, worthy physical recovery meted at tandems…

         By the way, inability factor and out of 'Separation and Association' dynamics, hold the promise in creating a vision document & memorandums for establishment of “The Next Future”… a committed platform and right climate for re-statement adding meaning to greater causes, by human experiences. A challenge in real terms…priority of leisure re-scheduled!

        Actually, it’s the freedom of my Mental Mind which takes part virtually; whereas my Physical Mind and Vital Mind do engage in fulfilling Reality, aspiration beyond duty bound entity.

        The composition of this post is supposed to determine next future of the Blog site and involved propriety. Although taken more than one month for careful thoughts, conceptual assessments, adherence to code of ethics & priorities; restrictively convinced to uphold equity and probity...

        So far timing is concern; this week is the best part of any year… Durga Puja rhythm, full of positive energy… holidays, hopping, roaming, relaxation, meeting, best foodies, events, surrounds creative installations of Art & Cultural display emerges. At this unique juncture and auspicious environment, I release this post as sign of contentment.

        However, I will insist on written posts only, as prevention of functional limits. Unfortunately, my Garden & Touring series remain prospond, being based on photographic gestures. Hope! to assume thoughts, motives, and interpretation in dealing with the reality for readers head and heart’s…

         There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater property than ignorance, no greater heritage than culture…

          Wish you all happy days, interesting and satisfying activities... A warm Shubho Bijoya Greetings…

        Many thanks to demonstrate regular traffic during long day off periods. I express immense sense of gratitude and appreciation to supportive campaigners... Glad to obtain logical conclusion.
        Thanks! to Google Accounts & Products..  


Sahithya Sridhar said...

a nice article.. keep it up!!

AmitAag said...

Very nice, AC!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ sahi,
Thank you to leave
generous mention. Good wishes.

@ AmitAag,
Welcome! and many thanks..
Best of luck.

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