29 October 2012


        We struggle to find out ways to define what constitute goodness at both personal and collective levels, within the dominant cultures and influences of inequality, injustice, inhumanity… and inclusive well being.

Good-Sense & Good-indulgence.

         What is acutely needed is the simple yet profound approach to ‘basic goodness’.

         According to reality, our survival depends and will continue to depend on our goodness factor as human beings, there is far more good than evil in this World.

         The basic goodness is something innate, embracing both the nature and experience of reality as basic human virtue. This core belief of human psychology based on the notion, that all people are fundamentally good, having basic qualities like being openness, intelligence & compassion…

         This everlasting viewpoint has its philosophical & psychological expression in ancient & traditional concepts, where this idea is ultimately rooted in experience of goodness and worthiness in oneself and others.

          The basic goodness isn’t something we find or create; it is often something we have to uncover, through good-sense.

        Actually, it gets submerged in the process of construction of our versions of who we are & should be… a place in which we live. As such, we used to settle into convenient and inclined inaccurate pattern of assumptions, emotions, thoughts & actions, through which we deal with everyday life.

        Growing with time, these becomes rooted and fixed and also blind us to the basic goodness in ourselves & others. The environment speaks for itself be it news, views, contributions, actions or reactions.

        However, the basic goodness not lie somewhere beyond pain of tragic (fear, anxiety, anger, violence, injustice) human experiences, but rather in them…

        In this context, I like to mention what  a famous neuroscientist pronounced: “Instead of focusing on a behavior we wish to change or habit we may not like, reflect on the possibility of strengthening or nurturing those parts of yourself that reflect your basic goodness”.

        A simple way to sustain this approach is "to become more aware of it when it is there". As with many wonderful things, though this is simple & easy! Goodness often speaks to us in a soften voice and tone; an inner compulsion seemed to drive the condition what is true & good… a good-sense. We all need to establish it as the sign of convenience, for advancement of humanity…

        Instead of perpetual quest for the image, I believe the modalities of Goodness are… to do, to inculcate, to access, to be and to act with autonomy and judgment. People follow what you do, not what you say…

        Thanks to have the Goodness to read...


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