09 July 2012

Why there is Death! Chase Reality…

        The question of Death!... Nature puts continuously to life, as a reminder that it has not yet found itself… The Mystery!…

To love Nature is to love all life and being.
        This is a question, which every person has asked himself at least once in his lifetime, whose consciousness is awakened and is yet inevitable, as a need to perpetuate, to prolong and develop life. It offers panic or indignation, those who are sensitive by nature…But one has to chase the reality...

        There is a tendency to ask oneself… What is this farce in which one takes part without wanting to, without understanding it? Why we born, if it is only to die? Then, why all this effort for progress & developments!… If it is to come to a diminution ending in decline and disintegration?...

        Some may fell a revolt, other fell despair!

        The fact is that, everything is in a state of perpetual progressive development, i.e. the whole creation is advancing towards perfection, what seemed perfection at a certain moment, is no longer perfect after a time…

        The most subtle state of being in the consciousness, follow this progression and the higher up the scale, the more closely does the advance resemble the rhythm of the universal development.

        But the material world is rigid by nature; transformation is slow, almost imperceptible for the measurement of time, as human consciousness perceives it.

        As it appears, there is a constant disequilibrium between the inner and outer movement, and this lack of balance, this incapacity of the outer forms to follow the movement of the inner progress, brings about the necessity of Death… decomposition and change of forms.

        But if into this matter, one could infuse enough consciousness to obtain the same rhythm, it matter could become flexible enough to follow the inner progression, this rupture of balance would not occur, and death would no longer be necessary.

        It is obvious, that the dominant characteristic of matter is Inertia, and if there were not this violence, perhaps the individual consciousness would be so inert, rather Change it, and would accept to live in imperfection…that is possible!
       Anyway this is how things are made, and for us who try to understand, there is only one thing that remains to be done… It is Change all this… As far as we have the means, by calling the force, the consciousness, the power... which is capable of infusing into material substance the vibration which can transform it, make it supple & progressive.

        As soon as, the matter or object learn to follow this movement of progressive harmony, it will be possible for it to escape through a continuous progress of transformation, from the necessity of disintegration. Thus the irrevocable law of Death will no longer have any reason to exist.
                                  **Inspired from the “Thoughts and Glimpses”- Sri Aurobindo.

Yes! it's an attempt to hold and communion this relevant post, as logical reality. Basically, allow and come to terms with that certainty... a familial seldom to find solance, overpowering indifference in a virtual domain.
As per law of Thermodynamics... When entropy is reduced...there is a supreme order. The Quantum Mechanics defines it is a state of vacuum.
I am aware of being constituted to have a very small identity, and choice is limited..dependent on faith & free will...
We need to move forward enlightened..'Become as we Think we are'... Hope for the best.

With thanks!

Atanu Chatterjee..(Avibration)


indu chhibber said...

Rather than the matter following inner compulsions;today mind is following gross matter-hence this lack of peace,

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ indu chhibber,
Sorry for being too late.
It's not 'Intending'..
You are quite confident, competent & responsible to draw your own conclusion.:}
Today! I am out of the ambit of postings & information's!
Many thanks.