10 June 2012

Unforgettable & Wonderful KINNAUR (Himachal)-1

        I have this nice opportunity to Travel a fairyland of Nature, the ‘Dev Bhoomi’..Kinnaur, western Himalaya in the state of Himachal Pradesh, between 27thMay’2012 to 6th June’12, along with my family & a group of travel enthusiasts, West Bengal tourists. Our tour management been compatibly executed by a popular Travel Agency of Kolkata as summer package, booked well in advance…

        'Holidays' may not be all that relaxing but definitely exciting! because we were under the time line of a schedule movements, hospitality & supervision… for a good intension to discover a fantasy destination through noble & memorable actions.:)

        By the way, I am considerably satisfied & enjoyed a beautiful climate due to its high elevation and desirably like to share the glimpses of the tour through a sequence...as discovered through my Cam Sense captured the moments, which attracted by my pair of eyes…Try to make it interesting and useful to my beloved visitor's & for the prospective traveler’s…

        I know it’s inadequate, but feels, may enrich individual minds while attracts to visit Her Majesty, a natural paradise. Even it’s not possible to capture all its charms or describe the true mesmerizing scenes. In spite of such limitations, my attempt to translate & record the two dimensional experience of the tour is necessary to refresh my weary minds for...future. As well as allow me to share its scenic beauty… which certainly remind me & allow my viewer’s picturesque spots… Consciously! not included video shoots & eliminated family & personal pictures...

        As per the programme, comprising 24 team members, comfortably boarded Kalka Mail from Howrah.. towards Chandigarh on 27thMay’12, reached by schedule and after a small recess on the early morning of 29th May occupied the capacity Bus towards Simla, which conceived our entire tour ethics & conveyance for 8 days.

        The details in brief of our destinations, Kinnaur access route via Solan & Simla and our comfortable stay are summarized below, with probable distance from Chandigarh onwards…              
Day 1 --- At Simla (29th May’12); Hotel Pine View...110 KM.
Day 2 --- At Sarahan (30th May’12); Sri Bhimakali Ji Temple Trust Guest House...170 KM.
Day 3 & 4 --- At Sangla (31stst.May & 1stJune’12); Hotel Monal Regency…95KM.
Day 5 & 6 --- At Kalpa (2nd June & 3rdJune’12); Hotel Kinnur Villa...52KM.
Day 7 --- At Rampur (4th June’12); Hotel Bushehar Regency, HPTDC...105KM.
Day 8 --- Leaving Rampur by 9.00 AM (5thJune’12) and boarding Kalka Mail from Chandigarh on 6th June’12 initial hours...240KM.

 **Site seeing and local tours excluded.
     * Provision to visit Lahaul and Spiti not considered, although it’s a part of a longer circuit.

(Delhi to Simla-380 KM, Simla to Rampur-131KM, Rampur to Sarahan via Jeori-23+17=40KM, Jeori to Sangla-90KM, Sangla to Recong Peo via Powari-31+7=40KM, Powari to Kaza(Spiti)-197KM);   (www.himachaltourism.gov.in)
        I am unable to plan how to initiate the progress of this series, what comes to my mind is go simply as per cam records & day to day move that has taken place… At the end provide my personal assessment, exclusive observation & realizations, limited to photgraphs.

        As you are aware, that Kinnaur was a part of princely state of ‘Bushair’ from village of Kamru (Sangla), moved to Sarahan and then to Rampur…altitude between 2350 M to 6816M,  finally emerged as State of Himachal Pradesh in 1972, having proximity to Tibet with cultural & religious links & practices, even manifested in dress, languages, customs or architectures. 

        Actually, its geographic parameters, given Kinnaur the rich cultural & religious traditions (Hindusim has been embellished with Buddhist practices)… Kinnauri dialects like Homskad and Jangiam, besides Hindi. Interestingly, most of the population is literate.
        The Ancient Indian text ‘Puranas’ placed the people of Kinnaur as halfway between Man & Gods… other ancient traditions speaks of the exile of the ‘Pandavas’ and the time they spent in Kinnaur an episode from the epic ‘Mahabharata’… 

         In this post.. going to find our arrival to Simla, and then gradually day wise brief submission seems convenient on my part… Thus, my next post will cover day-1.. and so on... Do join this virtual journey through pictures & Words!!

Landed to Chandigarh Station! 29.5.12 at 4.00 AM
Chandigarh  Station! Outside..Statuary..
Welcoming us! to Chandigarh..
Our Bus for the entire Tour, awaiting to leave the Station.
Entry To Himachal Pradesh..Compliance Permit!
On progress! Changing colour of the Nature..
Location! break journey for breakfast.
Inviting! Hilly treasures..
Inside serving Aloo paratha & dhahi at 9.30 AM
Beauty! on the way to Simla..
Picturesqueness! on movement after the  breakfast..
Approaching... Simla!
Simla! Hotel Pine View..
All.. inside the Hotel taking rest!
        It's enough for the post and might excuse, for my absence from site visits or postings. Naturally, for the time being till I finish this series any other category of posts is suspended. Hope my routine visitor's liking specific category will bear the in-convenience please.
Many thanks to join the tour..See you soon! with the warmth of Simla: Day-1.
Best wishes,

Atanu Chatterjee


Ruchita said...

Nice post!!!

Being_AC said...

@ Ruchita,
Many thanks,
Wish best of luck.

Saru Singhal said...

I'm so glad to read about your trip. As a himachali I am glad that you enjoyed it and you covered a lot of places. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

AmitAag said...

I have been to Kinnaur, but it looks prettier through your pics, Atanu:) Thank you for sharing:)

Bhavana said...

ahem..I prefer your nature photography...photographs of hotels and buildings make me sad...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the delightful tour...
Nice photos.

Being_AC said...

@ Saru,
You should be extremely lucky & proud to be from that region..what I do not know is the exact location! Now I understand the source of influence in your personality.:)
Hope I will ensure justice to this trip details. Till I am mentally present there, physically here at extreme odd climatic conditions.
Stay happy.

@ AmitAag,
Thank you and might remind you the wonderful experience.:)
You are luckier than me to visit Kinnuar earlier.:)
With my Best Wishes.

Being_AC said...

@ Bhavana,
Great! thanks to convey your dislike part of the post. I do agree and avoid such compositions. But this time out of obligation I need to include some.
The reason is individual demands..
Particularly relating this tour series. Anyway escape it & I will add equal no of Likes.:) Be happy!

@ matheikal,
Thanks! for the heartiest mention.
All the best to you.

panchalibolchi said...

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful travelogue...:)
Thanks for sharing...

Being_AC said...

@ panchalibolchi,
Really! Thankful mention,
and admirable approach.
Good Wishes.

Anonymous said...

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