12 June 2012

Attention! Syn to Web Album Corrupted!

Dear Readers, followers & visitors,

        Unfortunately, my Web Album sync crushed yesterday in course of manipulating adjustment. In fact, the free storage capacity was full, in course of exercising some options, invited the consequences, which is beyond my capacity to retrieve any immediate solution.

        The incident caused me disturbed, because it certainly implies some unreparable damages. Particularly, so far display of photographs is concern. Now my major blog spots photographs showing blocked links sign.

        I do not understand how to handle the situation. As a result of which, I decided, rather left with no option but to discontinue posting in the website till the entire recovery complied. Sorry! Nothing better comes to my mind.
        Although, all the photos are restored at my computer, but identification & collaboration seems to be a huge task from a lot of about 10,000 picks, at least for me. It is matter of concern when anonymous visitors are going to suffer the most, having a regular trend of traffics.

        I don’t know how long it will take to restore normalcy. What I realize it is more important to invest time on recovery instead of new releases. Usually when my allotted time for my blog is limited.

        Hope, this clarification will remove any suspicious conclusion at your ends, as myself becomes a victim of circumstances due to lack of adequate skill on computer.

        Frankly speaking, I do not find or anticipate any reason to quit, rather getting enriched on all account.

        However, I will attempt to publish the Himachal series, if possible, while convinced that I am responsible for the mess.

        I express my heartiest gratitude to support, encourage & promote, looking forward for co-operation to bear with such unforeseen circumstances & condition... likely indefinite absence of posting.

        I regret for the inconvenience so caused please.
        Thanking you all.

Yours sincerely,

Atanu Chatterjee.


Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Guess u have A Cumbersome task on ur hands . Good luck

AmitAag said...

...my sympathy and best wishes Atanu, for an early restoration. Your pics are our delight too!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ jaish_vats,
Thank you to guess the task.:)) Complicated but attainable,bcoz all picks are mine. There is a quick alternative too, by hiring space for my entire albums..

@ AmitAag,
Thank you my friend to share the concern. The problem lies beyond known territory..A lot of pics are tagged by Google & Yahoo search engines, besides substantial posts.
Its matter of time only..
Hope for the best.

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Thats very sad...But never give up...will wait for your come back...

abhinavr said...

Hope you will be able to solve the problem soon :)
But I didn't understand actually what happened?! By Web Album, you mean Picasa Web Album, right? I think photos above 2000 * 2000 pixels (aprox.) in dimension is counted into the free storage capacity. And we can upload any number of photos below that dimension, no limits.
And while looking at your blog, most of the unaffected photos are 800 by 600 px. How the free storage capacity was over? Will you please reply under this comment? I am asking this because your posts had good quality and were informative and I am eager to know how that happened?!

Saru Singhal said...

Thats bad but ask someone if there is a quick way of restoring it. Hope you find the solution soon.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Ranjana's craft blog,
Sorry for being so late to response,
I was on move to Kerala and returned today. Take charge of the development from tomorrow. Things will be resolved at any cost.:)
Thank you very much for kind support.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Abhinav,
I am considerably glad that you came out for help spontaneously, Really so kind of you, but sorry I am late to inform the ground realities.
During unloading new posts picks, found that 'I am out of space..currently using 100% of my 1 GB quota for photos'..That reflects run out of free storage and given options for purchase of additional storage, where I also found that photo upto 800 X 800 & video upto 15 minutes, won't count towards free storage.. As such, attempted to reduce the space and at one stage all picks on web Album deleted. Again, my attempt of uploading showing run out of space leaving huge number of published photos from my original pic files.
Under the circumstances.. I left to undertake any alternate measure individually or decided for purchase of storage..
Anyway, I can provide you my Email & password for better understanding..
Again, I offer my best wishes & many thanks to share.. not my but visitors concern in particular.:)
All the best.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Instead of leveling the incident as good or bad, I have the opinion that it was obvious to surface, because of releasing unusual number of picks/ per post. However, I have asked a fellow to come to my residence for needful advice & action. Awaiting his visit soon at my available time, where my close associates, friends, even colleagues do not know about the existence of my blog.:)
Don't worry, every problem has a fit solution, that includes.. continuation by compromises or discontinuation by choice.. whatsoever.
Hope for the best.