13 June 2011

Re-visiting WE-Day to combat Footprints…

          Few days back we observed World Environment Day (WED) started 39 years back on 5 th.June’1972 by the course of UN General Assembly with the purpose to generate positive Environmental action relevant to needs.
          I prefer to mention it as WE-Day instead of WED, because without WE (World Environment)…I, You and everyone seems to be non existence.
          In spite of regulatory efforts what we notice, the overall crisis taking its real edge on all accounts, rather aggravating our ground realities, even unable to associate every citizen with same tangible terms. But we cannot watch the proceedings and override realism, virtually being border less so far Environmental issues are concern.
          At this juncture, I hope for emulation and inspiration to carry some ripple effect to others by focusing certain positive action undertaken at personal level.
          Try to anticipate the crisis! Access your contribution of Carbon Footprints, conscious liability and responsibility.
          “Carbon footprint- is a measure of impact that our activities have on the environment and in particular climate change. They are broadly divided into two categories, primary & secondary. The primary footprint is a measure of direct emission of carbon dioxide that is generated due to burning of fuel to produce electricity, running of vehicles, engines of all kind & likewise. The secondary footprint is a measure of the carbon dioxide emissions from the whole life cycle of products that form the core of our lifestyle”.


          My little effort towards minimizing carbon footprints includes, non use of plastic bags on trivial daily purchases, restrictive utilization of car & AC, needful use of electricity and water etc, besides facilitating waste generation by reduce, reuse & recycle approach in every sphere of life. Moreover, a substantial carbon credit to the environment has been possible due to gardening as my hobby since long, having a complete infrastructure and adequate inventories. Also offer gifts of plants & trees to right aspirants as a matter of spreading awareness.
          I do believe that by applying few simple strategies, actions with specific result in mind, at personal level we can certainly make some difference.
          Simply start minimizing your Carbon Footprints, individually and collectively. We need to change our mindset and little bit of lifestyle. Considering its Relevance, Reasonableness & Results… what we can reasonably do is a sure route to feel good, that we made a difference. And become conscious of own survival and sustainability depending on responsible environmental practices.

      # AtRakhi’s real Moments: Petunia on pots & getting ready for d plates.

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