20 June 2011

Have you ever really thought about Time?

                Have you ever really thought about Time? I don’t mean time in the sense of dates, days, years or numbers or in the sense of to attend office, business, domestic work or school etc. when report is due. I mean time as a concept.
                What is it really we take time for granted that such a constant exists, but does it really? What really is the past, present and future?

                This structure gets carried forward in time and built into our language, thoughts & behavior. How we live our lives hangs on this process. Fundamentally, this means the future is no more open than the past. Yet as natural as this thought process feels, this structure isn’t exactly reflected in science. Neither do the equations of physics tell us which events are occurring right now. Nor does Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity suggest any single, specific present & in fact suggest that all moments are equally real. However, this rift and our everyday understanding are finally reaching a logical conclusion that time fundamentally does not exists. The thought or idea of a timeless reality is initially so startling that it seems hard to believe. It feels like everything we do, we do in time, that the world is a series of events strung together by time. However, we do not see time, what we see is change. Change is the variation of properties with respect to what we call time.

               Time heals almost everything, give Time, Time…. Think! The stopped clock gives right time twice a day…

My stopped clock !

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