24 July 2011

In search of Aimless and Purposeless …Perfection!

        Human being has the tendency to find perfection on everything and anything.
If I do consider the general trend about the idea of PERFECTION, reasonably find two distinct schools of thought:
                    First: That Perfection is impossible; it’s an illusive goal…    
      Second: That everything is perfect, everybody is perfect…

        The logical consideration in respect of the first option is “No human can be perfect, only God is perfect”. But, I do belong to the ideology to of being perfect based on following realization & understanding.

        To start with, if perfection is illusive goal, then nobody can be perfect! If God is perfect, how that which God creates can be less than perfect…might make you surprise and get some unconvinced responses. I am considerably convinced that everything in the World is perfect, look around and you will find that everything is just as it should be…nature, all living creatures, everything. It’s only Humans who think in terms of perfect or imperfect and other comparisons, a long list of preconceived notions about people or things should be.

        Nature does not judge anything or how things should be, even don’t have any benchmark. All embody the same route of perfection that flows through all creation. Then how can be anything less than perfect?
        When we see a cloud in the sky, a aimless perfection keep changing its size, shape, & direction of movements…We call it perfect, because we do not expect a cloud to be something else or to serve any purpose.
A Perfect Journey...
         Similarly, we ought to think of ourselves like that, we are always perfect. Belief that… when life is perfect, likely everything is perfect, everybody seems to be perfect. Once we give up our notions of what is perfect in ourselves and in others, we will see all deformities & discrimination's are perfect, like our perfection being aimless and purposeless perfection.
        I simply agree the fact. How can one aspire to become something that you already are! It’s impossible. Let’s have your own position about Perfection!

        “No one is perfect...That’s why pencils have erasers”- Author Unknown
        “All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection”- William Faulkner


Saru Singhal said...

Nice post again. I feel perfection for human beings is perspective. It's a parameter which human being have created to make things look extraordinary.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Saru! Thanks again & again,
Proud 2 have Ur comments.
Given a good clue to have a post on who is 'Extraordinary'..

Himanshu said...

According to me perfection is mirage for which a man tries in his entire life and on the way to achieve it he ends up with a bag in his hand mix of hell lot of more good and less bad experiences.. well.. btw nice post sir.. keep writing!!

Being_AC said...

Thank u Himanshu!
You r absolutely 'perfect' in ur analysis of perfection!.
Hope to meet u in writings...