24 August 2018

An appraisal for my dear Facebook visitors

That's about 126 posts in a category of Tour, Garden and Exif series photographs been published at a website, and the links were forwarded to Facebook from my 'Photograph Organizer' which read as  http://camsense.webstarts.com  since December' 2017 onwards.
It was going smoothly and perfectly till recent days in accordance with my capability and content resources within the terms of hoisting protocol, likely intended to convert up-gradation on commercial provision for additional tools in the near future.   

All of a sudden I found the website domain Webstart.com not displaying specific pages at links, even as owner cum author unable or even denied to login to my site for managing and schedule publication or compose new posts. At that point of time my PC was undergoing hardware repairs, so I was waiting for my turn to understand the problem for recovery.

When I establish contact with the Domain Administrator on 18.08.2018 immediately I realizes that my website has been erased rather deleted along-with all contents on the ground of security breach, as per authentic communication summary. Here is the extracts from our emails trails:

Steve replied: Aug 20, 0:57 am
Sorry to hear about any issues you are having with the account. I am not able to locate anything with the info you have provided, though I suspect that is due to the site getting incidentally caught up in our fraud monitoring system. If that is the case, it was likely deleted I'm afraid. Where are you located geographically?

Atanu Chatterjee replies: Aug 21, 2.21 am 
Many thanks to speak the sum & substance with clarity that my website built with your domain (http://camsense.webstarts.com) has been deleted in the pretext of security breach. A well calibrated monitoring system which deny access to the original Author and capable to execute willful digital erase at once without intimation to the either owner of the site. I am not concern for your collective wisdom or contention, but certainly expect to aware me to protect the data and information's uploaded at my own capacity, The content includes about 150 pics and relevant descriptions to enrich web contents.
I am not afraid, rather pleased to face the commercial reality as it is evident at earlier stage. My geographical domain is disclose while registering, I feel this is irrelevant and likely stick to your suspect and let me exercise my liberty and freedom according to my wish. Hope your domain will not share my personal and published data whatsoever

Steve replied: Aug 21, 0:56 am
I see. There wouldn't be any way to get the site back I'm afraid and I can't guarantee you would be able to create another as we are no longer accepting users from your region. We have had a very difficult time combating the nefarious sites created in your area and have decided as a company to no longer allow them. This may change in the future, but for now I would suggest finding another service

Atanu Chatterjee replies: Aug 22, 08:42am
Naturally the question to remain with your company domain does not arise at all,
combating deep experience and offered accountability. Thanks for your suggestion, 
likely establish that I am free to subscribe quality compose at my site with own pics 
and understanding. I received number of frivolous friendship request from
your area, which I rejected out-rightly during this period, in consequence of
adopting free service from your domain and without assessing the motive. I appreciate
you to allow and alienate as per your company terms of reference. 
I am a small individual with some values and principles that's all and final

Unfortunately, I do not stored the published data and transcripts, thus left with no option but have to rewrite and upload further for active viewing. At the same time all visitors records will be deleted as an when I choose the option. I regret for the inconvenience to remove the inactive posts within few days.
However, I am confident to communicate in a better way and its matter of time to begin from ground zero, it took 6 months to reach as it was. What is disturbing is that, it will reappear again with a new sequence and labels, hope you will bear the condition under compulsion, because without all such published pics my album will remain incomplete.    

In the meantime a new secured domain registration done, configuration and design framed, hope it will be published shortly taking care of suitable  measures as deemed necessary to arrest interruptions of any nature. I admit a mistake on my part, when I login at a cyber center on 14.8.18 through AI route and forget to logout, a lesson for me and caution to the readers who owns independent sites.  I remember the incident when I was proactive during 2010-12 on Blogging sites at that time also Google services applied space restriction and my number of posts pictures displayed block/black screen on the ground to deny renting additional space on monthly fees. But I refuse to comply as evident on my existing post dated 06.07.2012; 

Click to read:  (http://avibration.blogspot.com/2012/07/unforgettable-wonderful-kinnaur.html). 

Interestingly after about 2 months discovered that the Google Product and Services raised the limit to 15 GB, see my acknowledgment on a post of 25.10.2012

Click to read the post  (http://avibration.blogspot.com/2012/10/experience-given-by sensesincorporated.html

The incident cause to loose my interest and discontinue Blogging since then, but interested to resume the area after superannuation. At 2012 I decided to develop my own website and it has been created, now I synchronized with another website domain to begin a new journey with my photographs and say.  

Rejoinder: Here is present website link <https://atanuchatterjee.wixsite.com/camsense>

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