25 April 2012

M C Jockey! Meeting Rides...

        Auspicious moment, again I am relatively comfortable to hold the mouse & drive the avocation, when Castrol Power 1 and IndiBlogger, horizontally & vertically intersects to frame the road of this classic contest drive.

Power! Castrol! Bike!... relates to one another
        Right now, I stand out alone with my instinctive impulse for something to stimulate and may believe open up a different realm of reality. The most interesting part of the move is to commemorate what I like to say and wish to show.

        The sequence merges to speak about a sustainable mechanical object, having global dimensions & regional essence. A “Motor Cycle”…the real lifeline, augmented reality and indispensable support for free movement of human being, armed with technological caliber. However, this unit identity can’t conceive any integral objective without human association.

        I like to ‘date’, eventually the concept objective with the help of my senses, through spatical, temporal and personal nucleus of thought embodied cycle of understanding.

Introducing my bike..
        In fact, a driving license & an owner book establish a sensible bond between a Motor Cycle and a Rider, happens to be a 'jockey' in sporting term, so affable that can charm anyone in operational mode, as 'dating'…

        My continued trust, with two wheel rides started with a scooter and love on first sight, join Motor Cycle club in the year 2004, a reason to rejoice probably the best thing & really is in oxymoron. In between switched from ‘kick’ to ‘self’ and rolled empowered with petrol, more than 1.75 lakh KM on own control… with mind, leg & hand co-ordination… operating the throttle, clutch, gear, break & handle of the Motor Cycle.

        I am considerably lucky, my longitude & latitudinal position, population, facilities, provision, ability & attachment to NH-2, opens quick opportunity to have a two wheel, an essential and desirable composition. A productive companion, a common thought like any Indian residing at metro, urban or rural structures.
Innate Relation!
        As soon as get employed, my first passion was to have a own drive, emotionally and economically a two wheel now Motor Cycle is the best ‘cache’, where all treasure are hidden like a street open at ‘one’ end… cul-de-sac, from science of the laws of life.

         The ‘Character’ of Motor Cycle is intimate alliance, wavering ready to march towards the unity of the present and future task, a line of movement… more direct, more swift… supporting liberation and progression of human nature and its endless journey. The ‘Looks’… is like a bargain for superiority and authority, habituated to rise to the surface.
Maithon Dam (Dhanbad), rider's paradise..
         I agree! Motor Cycle has free action of scientific working itself out with support of CC power, controlling by its nature. At any time anyone has liberty to draw any formation and dissolve all formations, accept and enforce commitment, dealing with its own force, which can be observed, verified and compared in our own experiences. That’s the logical conclusion, where biking skill, style quotient, knowledge & passion adds excitement… a friendly and intimate venture...adventure in our life environment.

         Indian Citizens, irrespective of profession or position, location or age, gender or creeds… think Motor Cycle as valuable immovable proceeds.

        In the world of existence of Motor Cycle, there is indeed no greater alternative than the ‘power of love’ of mentoring it… the heart aglow and ready for awesome power feels, an essence of all effect of material relationship, a metaphor to play all sense organs in harmony. A ‘relationship’ that takes a different character, the primary consideration is authority, control, discipline, monitoring, freedom & movement of progress.. 

        Significantly, it is indicative that every Indian praise, pledge and pray to own a Motor Cycle, offer 'puja' as a part of conduct at the time of its acquisition i.e. purchase and involve tremendous attention, besides every year worship before God ‘Viswakarma’ on 17th September.

        I think it’s enough to judge the status of Indian mindset about its prerogative & unique prestige, even feel proud and reach fitness… The whole stress passed to Motor Cycle, the life of the race on one side and desire, interest & satisfaction on the other.

Starry Durable! part of the process..
         The ecstasy lies with who holds it! A continuation of affirmation and on the ‘affirm’ of individuality, set into motion & gives the human a friendly expression and style, motivating and explicit… The Champion! Flowing in movements, at the one end human ability and at other extreme... Things called 4 stroke engine derivatives.

        The way we Indians watched Motor Cycle operation, changed tremendously over the past years, rather something figurative changes found evolving from affinity to abstraction, marked improvements in overall performances. It is pivotal to have strong understanding and skill of driving… key strategic issues, interdependent loyalties, attainment of periodic services.

        Glamour apart, there is also impressive evidence that Indian aspirants achieve moral, mental, social & economic growth symbol  and promise to own a ‘Motor Cycle’. Even a large section of the country can’t think to supplement a marriage without ‘Motor Cycle’…

         It is absolutely true that a Motor Cycle changes the perspective of a young generation, sufficiently engage in a proven path to heroism… dynamism, exploiting the potentiality of material comfort and sensory pleasures, want to break all imposed rules.

I'm not a passionate biker! like Malcolm Ilavia.
        This natural programmed sequence, impulse of nature compelled… all elements in a Motor Cycle that the unique feature, an incomparable household…

        Here is my pure abstract answer from the processor of unit mind...What Motor Cycle means to 'me'!

        The entire idea is performance art, spending purposeful time with it, always a very welcome gesture. My Motor Cycle keeps connectivity across my vital duties... Ride daily, a commitment of daughter’s school pick & drop, market, milk, tuition, contingency works and attending office… willful & uninterrupted reach.

My Motor Cycle's arch rival!
Having no brain! do not know that I like him more, when I'm alone..
        There is no scale that I can measure the contributions. Any arguments are never a clash of beliefs but more of a simple opinion…
        Always compete in attending tasks with my Motor Cycle, having attributes like that of sound, touch & looks, without finding amount of math, logic & analytics. A matching passion is the rhythm that helps the mundane to heights.

        My preference of selection! depends on how much movement I am prepared to take, consider accrual, low risk & variables based on capacity & category, as far as radical & durable… spreading loyalty, faith & love… grows with balance & strength, purpose is usefulness. I deserve it, because I respect, appreciate and value its existence.
NH-2.. live relation on action.. 25th.April'12
        I enjoys and achieve a degree of personal growth riding my bike, switch from boredom to excitement, whether wearing jacket, wind-cheater or rain coat, in varying climate & condition, a helmet by regulation… road, earth, nature, society… meeting… romanticism… the reality & eternity. Always manage to surprise, enthrall & satisfy...I do not know an object which can hold such defining & impressive features! Empowered enough!

        The Motor Cycle is style statement, it fundamentally provides me to run, ply & have fun, an effortless intimacy, drive within the natural parameters. It allows occasion to go out, in way of expressing freedom and relief from dilemma or delay in maintaining punctuality.

        Also agree, Motor cycle takes me naturally to liberation in action allows leading smooth life activities. I save time, trouble & space; an effective mode of trans- conveyance, accessible to space constrains… which is apprehensiveness to sense organs, while self satisfactions reach its apex..

        The ‘Motor Cycle’ and ‘Me’... Acquainted two, separately unhappy, create more Happiness for each other when we come together. That’s mathematical not ordinary arithmetic. A prose mood not poetic, because day to day life is more like prose…
        In fact, Motor Cycle is like an innate 'pen' to me, through which I write script & spells on paper called 'Road'...

Designer Conversion to Self Start New Model..
Courtesy:  Sudhirda
        So far fitness is concern. I always relied on my reliable Auto-physician, proficient and leading a LGO (local garage operator), close & friendly, we call him ‘Sudhirda’.. A relationship that established 22 years ago, when I owned the scooter…till continuing with the Motor cycle. I simply maintained a procedure by handing over for check up & servicing on every 3/4 months interval, irrespective of running statistics…

        I am happy to give a space to 'Sudhirda' likely a tribute who deserve to be in the frame, the craftsman who given me the opportunity, in maintaining a trouble free working & good finishing of my three two wheels for such a long period... The photographs are absolutely current & from a normal day.

Concentration! planning recovery..
        I explained my motive and asked him to give his opinion, experience in handling the core activities for more than 32 years. On his advice changed my scooter  (2 stoke-shaft & belt driven) to Motor cycle  (4 stroke-chain driven & valve system) engine… better suction, composition & exertions; higher load bearing capacity & economics.He simply smiled and relied on my judgement, although I find a spark in his face, expecting to see the post.. 

        It is the sound of the engine that determines the working efficiency, as I notice in close collaboration, a special act. According to Sudhirda's opinion, minimum use of clutch & break, and timely mobil change (Castrol) save life of the engine & give higher mileage.. 

Safely enjoy ride..
* Submission included for the Castrol Power 1 Blogging contest...
powered by- M C Jockey! Meeting Rides...
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Avibration (Atanu Chatterjee)


Saru Singhal said...

I liked the narration and the various fragments of experience you brought in here...

All the very best for the contest Sir.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Glad to know you like it.:)
Enjoyed as relaxation of mind.
Thank you Saru to extend support.
Best of luck.

Unknown said...

Thats a lovely ride!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thank you for a kind approval,
Wish all the best.

Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Good Luck for the contest :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ jaish_vats,
Thank you Jayashree..

Lucky to be a contestant :)

Sunita Sriram said...

frankly speaking, many of the things I could not follow, way beyond my scope of understanding!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ specs buffy,
Many thanks to share your understanding..
That's the ground realities, it's a matter & issues..of realization & action.:)a composition from experiences, limited to given boundaries.
I tried to touch a wide section of Indian citizen and my elaborate understanding about a two wheel..with some useful messages.
Most importantly I'm happy to have this in record.

Vetirmagal said...

Sir, I can appreciate motorcycles, only by riding pillion.:-)

But I liked the picture on the header very much. Where is that place?

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Vetrimagal,
Thank you to ride the post.:)
The best option one can give to a Motor Cycle..
The header picture is from 'Ellora Caves' of Aurangabad.
All the best.

Sunita Sriram said...

Congratulations Avibration- glad that I read the post before the results, otherwise I would have been prejudiced:)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ specs buffy,
Many thanks for your recognition.
It's a privilege to have your visits..
Sorry! for my late response.

Anonymous said...

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