23 March 2012

Steering a ‘Credible’ Surface Movement.

     Like most traveler’s, I do have some glimpses & shades, and some amazing experiences of road journey from my touring accessory… yeah! Surface transport specific!

     Here it is, as per the federal laid down guidelines...
     I am going to recall a ‘Credible’ slice, and uncover from my own abstract memory. Likely, a lifetime encounter faced during a spontaneous tour, which took place during last week of December’ 2009.

M & M leading the contest!
     The wonder incident meets, while exploring… ‘Queen’s Meadow’, Kumaon range, Uttarakhand… covering Nainital, Almora, Binsar, Ranikhet, Jim Corbett, Munsiyari, Kausani… on driving wheels, all within motor able easy reach.
My four and half member team comprises my wife ‘Rakhi’, daughter ‘Arnabi’ and Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Gupta (as Dada/Boudi), our family companion at almost all major tours. 

Photograph of the team except me ( left: Driver)
     In case, I had a chance to record my say from there! Then, like to convey…All along breath taking views of Himalayan ranges, the cold, the hills, the curbs, the rocks, the rivers & falls, the lakes, the clouds, sunshine, dark's, the hotels & region foods, famous wild life sanctuary… another perspective.

     Oh! Yes need not to give details of the journey, perhaps pick a day’s movement to disclose a stunning event! Much more wonderful than can be expressed, which took our breath away…?

     Naturally! We were in a ‘Santro’ car, as a road aviator and a friendly pilot being assigned by pre arranged Sharma Travels, Nainital.
     I am not an introspective travel writer. As such, do consider the description like a black & white TV cast and collaborate to add suitable colours towards formation of a trendy multimedia presentation. OK!

     Yes, before reaching the very day, we covered two third of our journey alongside Himalayan views, Jim Corbett & Binsar wild life sanctuary, perfect hot spot for tourist’s living experience.  Adequately witnessed mesmerizing scenic spreads, unavoidable layer of wilderness, wideness of mountain ranges, and spectacular flight of high altitude nature’s mood, vivid snowy tops & greenery, without any calculations & accounts…

     Attention! It was on:- .. .. ....

    Good Morning! Refreshed after deserved sleep, check out from our Almorah hotel after breakfast and step up inside the car to negotiate a whole day journey, but certainly with breaks on interval. Have to undertake a tropical long trip up to Munsiyari, after visiting ‘Patal Bhubaneswar’, a site of religious entity.

     Started...few hours long journey... watching Himalayan delicacy, hills & valleys, photography & talks, snacks & slides on move, and reached Patal Bhubaneswar by approaching noon. We were happy to put our feet on ground! Sufficient element of surprises awaits, cold & fogs, and for unique stone carvings inside, can’t be seen from above… reached through narrow tunnel shaped way, said to be the abode of All Hindu God & Goddess destination… Then!
Left the place…

     Already, it’s time for lunch. As after some journey drop at a road side hotel and taken lunch in hurry, because we were already running late. I have a road map at hand, discussed with the driver & workable guide about the rest of our journey to Munsiyari. Came to a conclusion, we should have to reach at Tal near Chaukari  by 7.00PM, to get allowed entry for further journey to Munsiyari. Some anxiety cropped, however the driver assured timely reach…

     Resumed the movement...on accelerated terms… Rises! Downs! Turns!... no tea break, committed to reach by 19.00 hours, having booking at Jara Resort, Munsiyari, no exact idea of reaching time. In between the sun sets, darkness appeared… thrilling…

     Exactly! Arrived the check post at Tal/Choukari, time noted as 7.20 PM, the personnel by examination of booking document allowed reluctantly. Here, we have some snacks and tea. When dialed the ‘hotel’ for booking diner, they confirmed, we are going to reach by 11.00 PM. Oh! My God, such a long distance! Although, we know, there is no problem of any threats…

     Anyway, again the starter ignited, driver convinced for speed travel, keeping factors in control… night, high altitude and anticipating sub zero temperature. With every element of adventurism, start moving onwards Munsiyari. Everyone was bit tired, but not asleep except my daughter… Inside us was quite… watching… feeling the silent beat of the hills, forest, cold, as night amplified, more thrill surfaced!! No commuters, only our car is on roll, no sign of locality, no artificial light except head lamps & moonlight. Precisely! The nature under cover of darkness, isolation and stealthy hearts thumping, with obvious anxiety of delay…

     We were silently absorbing every detail, what we can see, hear or fell…
An hour or more journeys completed without any disturbances.
     All of a sudden, our driver shouted! See… see! Tiger! Tiger!... And dead stop the car.
     Rakhi ! Besides driver seat responded sharply…Yes…yes!...there! see…pointing the location. But, unfortunately we all three sitting back, within fraction of minutes could not see it, but notice movement of bushes. In the meantime, found dark as head lamp off, our drive said, done this to avoid any chance of counter attack and allow passage to move.

     The Driver & Rakhi thoroughly saw the youth and beauty of a matured full size Tiger in black & yellow, hardly from less than 25 ft distance. May be locating the light & approaching car, disappeared at the down side forest hurriedly. Everything happened within minutes,the rare incident taken our breath away! Conquered the fear & excitement with creature of darkness, the most charismatic animal Tiger...wonders scene.

     Oh! Mesmerizing & extreme interesting, turned around our understanding, belief & expectations, left a majestic aura. When the tiger walks away willingly unfettered exercising her free will, brings out unchanged admiration for being strong & wild, can rave & rant when crazed with anger. Certainly reveal sheer identity of real existence.

     As we know, cruelty and power being exclusively responsible not just for being hero, rather agent of ultimate king of the forest. The driver said: the tiger of this area are not harmful to mankind, although never seen earlier…

     Afterward, feel this as a great sense of empowerment that from within, reason now is exposed. My wife ‘Rakhi’ was reasonably most excited; lead the commentary describing the fearless beauty down the ridge...Ah! Lovely...Good luck! Switched on, the Handy cam inside the moving car, while recorded the memorable version, to the possible extent…

     Thus, evolving interdependent life strung together, uplifting as a unique gift of the tour, something unforgettable! stay somewhere within deep inside.
     Rest of the journey we continue discussion and kept the tempo, where a living tiger found in reality. Our journey ended reaching the Resort by 10.15PM, temperature sub zero, no snow fall yet happened, clearly overwhelmed… epitomizes the completeness, the beauty and ecstasy of hills, Himalayan views & physical reinforced by Tiger imagery…most naturally exquisite valley, a fruitful journey.

Yes! Brought home the ‘truth’ that is, unknown field of ‘trust’, we the human species that are the aberration, and realized they don’t attack unless we frighten them, and became more concern with relentless degradation of ecosystem & endangered tiger...

     In conclusion, do like to mention the post is now ready to get ‘In’ for the contest entry, while consciously titled it as ‘Credible’, so that it becomes ‘Incredible’...

     An independent post for Mahindra & IndiBlogger Contest titled Incredible Stories! link: http://www.mahindraxuv500.com/

                            As far as the ‘Story’ matters! Listen…
Roll on to Experience the ride! XUV500
“A group of bright students asked to enlist their individual choice of seven wonders of the World. Everyone went by places, as everyone knows! been submitted…without much exception, only one student written the seven wonders! are to see, hear, touch, smell, feel, laugh & to love… the most important things in life which can’t be created by hand, thought or can be bought, truly a gift from the Creator”... 
                         No! I’am not the writer…it’s a story..:)

Thanks for the read!


Vetirmagal said...

This is a lovely post. And cute videos. A good idea for travelers to shoot videos and post them. For the benefit of Armchair travelers like me
Thanks sir,
Enjoyed it.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Vetrimagal,
It's my pleasure and you deserve sincere thanks to add momentum, in real terms:)
May be a good idea, but a difficult task to bring out original say from a 3 hours display! at least for a non techie..
I wish good luck & happy days.

Saru Singhal said...

That was a lovely narration of a trip. All the best for the contest.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Morning and Many thanks..
Journey of the post was difficult, that time have shoots with handy cam the only option.. No idea to get it public.:)The incident provoke and deserve a narration..:))I never met someone with such experience..
Stay happy.

Abhyudaya said...

Great post, could totally identify with the "tiger" excitement! Good luck for the contest!

Do visit my entry for the same -http://abhyudayatoons.blogspot.in/2012/03/epic-trip-three-idiots-in-chandigarh.html

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Abhyudaya Shrivastava,
Many thanks for your read & wish..
It's indeed a rarest event, and beyond great, so far personal experience is concern.

A rare picture of Patal Bhubaneswar is another surprise, becoz photography not allowed..
Visited your's it's unique. Best of luck.

Unknown said...

Nice videos and very well written information to Nainital.

Go Nainital

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Sanjay Negi,
Oh! thanks a lot Mr Negi,
It's a honour to be appreciated by real professional working in that area.
A memorable visit and Nainital is indeed awesome!..Enjoyed!

spicenflavors said...

Great post and great to see glimpses of all the places ,tiger hills.Good luck for the contest.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Viya,
Thanks for your heartiest compliment.
An attempt for establishment of purified truth.:), where visited
Jim Corbett & Binsar wild life sanctuary without any surprises. The location should have a connection with the sanctuary & the timing coincides the miracle..

indu chhibber said...

i am not fond of travelling, but posts such as yours are a very nice substitute.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ indu chhibber,
Thank you for a encouraging comment,
So kind of you to consider inbuilt thrill..
Hope, in the future enjoy the treasure of travelling.:)Good luck.

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Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Tours and Travels..

Thanks to the entire team of Tours and Travels.

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