21 March 2012

Stay! Flow…Integral Educo.

        My central idea of the occasion is close to attend “Integral Educo” summit…Back to basics, for transformation and transmutation.

        Why?  What?  &  How?

        Let’s clear about why! Since Stayfree believes! Born free will’s! IndiBlogger’s provides! free entry, Consortium offers! challenge, to bring Change of rhythm in the World…achieve together, a positive move...
        I choose ‘Intergral Educo’… keeping faith, hope, love; because faith makes everything possible, hope makes everything work and love makes everything beautiful.

        Actually, I prevail with ‘E’, begin from Latin verb ‘Educe’, and mean to draw forth from within; which has originated from ‘Vidhya’ in Sanskrit.  In between, propose dimensionality with exemplary grace of Time and Integral approach of science & technology, and human attitude & values.
Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

          Now, what! & how! Integral Educo…

        If we want to overcome the limitations of formal Education, and rise far beyond, exceed oneself & nature. A drive to make the human unique set…a new objective of Education, with psychological significance and symbol of wholeness & integration…

        Presently! Education is viewed as another Industry and the mindset that emerges from the mass processing productivity system is industrial mindset.
        This Industrial Mindset gradually failed to spread all peripheral changes… Even limits, distorts or neutralizes results & expectations. The system & structures appeals something fundamentally deficient… need to Change, lacking uniformity and without individual variations… Isn't it!

        Consequently, humanity is undergoing an unprecedented crisis and Education is the key to overcome World crisis, as it prepares new generation to run the World, most importantly that will determine the future of humanity and the World

        According to Integral Education (Educo)Knowledge is already deep within; it is the innate psychic structure where it exists. Like a Mother knows everything about a Child, there is a connection of oneness by which Mother identifies with Child... 
        Thus a deeper and more embracing perspective for establishment of ‘New Mindset’ is desired for Integral Education…rebuilt the edifice of Education on fundamental insight the every Child is a soul in evolution here on earth in order to grow through experiences…
         A new approach towards Education will then flow... allow of gross physical body and refined essence of consciousness… beyond the ordinary field of senses…

         As we proceed, we will find for this insight, all else naturally emerges down to details. We can discover most advanced techniques of Integral Education, emerge spontaneously and flow naturally from this new mindset.
                         (Auroma centre of Human Unity , Maithon)
Sri Aurobindo Centre of Integral Education, Maithon, Dhanbad

        With this foundation, we can and will proceed to the larger movement and undertake the look of creative process the ‘Yajna’ in Hindi that is Education.
        In this task of creation, the Student, the Teacher, the Knowledge, the means of Communication & the Environment represented by Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, as any task of creation there are five symbolic elements. 
        A dynamic nature & process not something which need to be framed and formulated, should be open ended without effort, alike to measure the depth of an ocean...

Mind... to have the true intelligence
        So that all questions find their ways to answers by means of this bilateral process, ultimately both teacher and student becomes insignificant… imparting Integrity to education is to discard customs, superstitions & preoccupations and process of continuous renewal.
Sensations... to have the true feelings
        I know that my take ‘Time to Change’, is not something new or silent, rather eloquent and number of creative geniuses presides this formations according to their own models. This includes Rabindernath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Aurobindo…. Which for years being considered as one the best means of preparing the future humanity to receive the Supramental light and transform the Mankind of today into a new race…
Sensitiveness... to have the true dynamism
A promise...Collaboration
         Hope then individual consciousness will link to ‘Collective’ to access the tendencies of all Human being. In turn link with Cosmic Consciousness through us can access the true Change of Experience.

        Finally, my happy attempt to insert a 'spoon' inside the curry. I know! that its not the spoon but Tongue that can relish the taste of the curry...
A spontaneous move and evidence of a post for the contest sponsored by Jonson & Jonson & Indiblogger titled it's 'Time to Change'.
Hope, Faith & Love... from Website
"In the ordinary consciousness, human beings cannot tolerate any authority, however legitimate, if it is exercised over them by somebody whom they believe to be on the same level as themselves. On the other hand, for human authority to be legitimately exercised over other, it must be enlightened, impartial and unegoistic to the extent that nobody can reasonably challenge its value"-- The Mother.

This post is exclusively for the contest link: http://facebook.com/sftimetochange, originated by Jonson & Jonson and IndiBlogger..."Time to Change"

Note: Picture of Auroma Centre of Human Unity, Maithon (Dhanbad) taken today...


Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

This was such a great read!! :)

All the best for the contest :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Jen..The Butterfly Effect,
Many thanks to give a validity.:)

A consent from a future citizen is more important than a win..Hope for integral progress.

indu chhibber said...

it is sad that we are forgetting Shri Vivekanand & Aurobindo who were the idols of youth once.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ indu chhibber,
Many thanks for such realization.
But the affairs reflects in ground realities and working solution at the history & great philosophies..
In between we can contribute or lecture..:) I do not feel sad for any act of others!! Better to forget.:)

Wish my best of luck.

Anonymous said...

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