10 August 2011

The Sense of our Self-respect…

Self respected- Ellora!
          A serious problem we are facing in our country today is ‘Corruption’. We generally want to fight corruption by moral preaching, which is not working as per expectation, rather spread out in every sphere of our living activities.
         On the importance of this self-respect relates the solution, if you go to the root of the problem.
         Try to realize with relevant situation. If somebody comes and offers a bribe, what will be the response? Why does a person become corrupt?
         Immediate probable response: “How dare you offer me a bribe!” like that…
         If the bribe is high enough! Start thinking, weighing the possibilities…

         But if it is mere amount, say in ‘rupees’, and reacts ‘How does you offer me a bribe.’  Then why do you get angry? Actually, because of your self-respect and will not fall below your standard!
         Here comes another aspect. What determine the standard?
Let’s increase the level of the bribe gradually to ‘thousands’…’lakhs’…’chores’…. Eventually, at some point one will break, when the advantage of accepting the bribe outweighs living up to his standard and his self-respect.
         What determines the breaking point? What has set his standard? The standard is set by his sense of identity.
         In case, one’s ancestors were fought for our country’s freedom and suffered selflessly for a great ideal, and then the breaking point of his standard will be very high, perhaps approach infinity! Likely we need to know the true story of our struggle for freedom, and then we will value the freedom. Similarly, know the past and struggles that gone through to bring us where we are now. By knowing our past we can have a high self respect. Start with history, positive civilizational achievements, with their identity, things that should make them proud and awaken self-respect.
         Therefore, you can see corruption is in some sense an index of self-respect.
         Just by recovering self-respect, one can combat corruption, both individually and collectively. Unfortunately, we seriously lack to establish our highest ideals and standards set by collective identity of family, culture or nation.


Saru Singhal said...

Relating corruption with the index of self respect is brilliant and shows how well versed you're with human nature. Brilliant article and I wish you set very high standards of self respect for us so to erase corruption from our country.

chitra said...

this is gud.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Small favors in return for some gain is not considered as corruption by & large. We often bribe crying children with goodies, no?

Being_AC said...

@ Saru Singhal:
Throughout my carried I nurtured this practice,one can survive with dignity by not associating & working in Govt. sector. Best of luck Saru.
Thanks! A good gesture from ur part too.
Thank u boss!
but 'Corruption' favours both!
Offer! 2 children is simply out of the Sanction & Punishment strategy...

Nitin Jain said...

great post! Perhaps the corrupt politicians and people try to compensate this internal sense of self respect with the glamor, power and status they receive in society by living a high life, huge bungalows, opening schools and colleges under their name by using the money acquired by corruption! So if everybody in the society starts giving them the disrespect and denigrate them openly on daily basis, these people simply wont give up. That's exactly why we need strong laws, strong judiciary and strong enforcement agencies and that why we need Jan Lokpal !

KP said...

Analyzing the root of issue and solving it.. "Be the change you want to be" told in a different perspective..
Very nice post..!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Nitin Jain,
Thanks Nitin! It seems that u applied lot of mental exercise on this vivid quality.Self-respect is inevitable for the referred achievements also...Sorry! for belated response.

@ KP,
Thank you! appreciate ur level of understanding. Ultimately, the consciouness matters..

Rajendra Raikwar said...

great efforts

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Rajendra,
I duely respect the gesture on your part..