11 August 2011

The unique stamp of ‘Temperament’!

          Each individual soul has come with a unique purpose, and with a unique stamp of Temperament. As a result of which, it is practically not possible to let anyone become something that he is not. 

          The true basis of development is the study of the human mind. If the mind must be consulted in its own growth, then we must take into account the temperament and encourage his strength and use to overcome the weaknesses.

          Based on the observation of one’s aspiration and initiative, his/her Temperament is judged. Temperament need to pass through specific experiences in order to grow. There are types who watch and learn from others mistakes, some need to make their own mistake in order to learn, others need to experience the consequences of their mistakes in order to learn.

          Accordingly, in the line of the trend three broad types of Temperament can be determined in respect of an individual, as follows…
                1. Those who understand by explanation, whose minds are more intellectually oriented.  They understand & change quickly. Generally don’t need to say anything more.
                2. Those whose temperament is more emotionally oriented. They need to move by his emotions, temperament or sense of self-respect. That is one will have to reach out emotionally. No explanation required.
                 3. The third kind of temperament which is materially oriented, living in the sensory experience. They have to show the consequences of their actions.

           Now, it becomes convenient to distinguish any individual’s temperament type, at the same time we realize how important it is to know one’s temperament to communicate. Then only we may express ourselves most effectively with emotions at the receiving part. Otherwise, what happens mostly, much would have been misunderstood?

           By knowing the temperament and communicating, the messages can be received with clarity and with right impact.
Temperamental display...
          As we observe the temperament, we find that the way one learns is related to temperament. Again there are three types of learners.
                (i)Who learn visually, watching, observing, and reading! They are good with maths, because math’s invites use of visual symbols & relationship. They do well in abstract thinking but tend to be weak in sensory activities.
                (ii)Who are auditory learners, they won’t read books, but seek to explain and better understand by listening.
                (iii)Who is known as kinesthetic learners, they need to touch, feel, hold and do for them to understand? That is relates to physical action (As I experience this when learning to use computer).

          Finally, according to our temperament we rely on one of them more than the others. But it is possible to develop each of the senses to its potential and free our mind from its instinctive and reliance on one type, in our communication.

         Hope, you may now able to achieve better communication…


Saru Singhal said...

Once again great analysis, I guess will read again...Great work...

Sujatha Sathya said...

yes. m a trainer & so we are a lot into this kind of stuff
nice post

Being_AC said...

@ Saru Singhal:
Oh! Thanks Saru,
It's ur greatness &
my posts priveledge.

@Sujatha Sathya:
lot of thanks for vetting, as a
Practitioner & associating with
ground realities in particular.