07 August 2011

Why must we Forgive?

          The call to forgiveness is important for the survival of the human race.

          “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate. It is power that breaks the chain of bitterness & the shackles of selfishness”- wrote Carrie ten Boom, a Holocaust survivor.
          Our capacity to forgive indicates our moral likeness to the one who commands us to forgive and who freely forgives us.
          The cause of many a suffering is the feeling of vengeance, jealousy & greed, yet we have a choice before us, to not succumb to those negative aspects. By forgiving those who wrong us, not only do we create the right environment for harmony and peace, we also promote our physical, mental & psychological well being.

          Miracles happen, when two alienated  people start all over again, undergo a change of heart, bitter enemies become friends as suspicious get lifted transforming relationship happen, through melting away bitterness & animosity.

          Forgiveness, not only ways of protecting souls but also bodies from various illness, that rise out of anger and frustration. Forgiveness is an act of love; it has power, the power to heal. 
A symbol of Forgiveness
          Forgiveness creates the possibilities of release from an unfair or unpleasant past. Forgiveness takes us off the escalator of revenge providing an escape from gradual & total ruin. To forgive is to put down heavy baggage from one’s back. It is setting oneself free from bonds of hatred.
          Today, when suspicion & greed seeking create uncertainty all over, understanding, atonement & forgiveness need to be propagated and practiced more effectively, if we are to improve the quality of our lives. Forgiveness holds the key. It gives and takes, that will open door to greater understanding and hopes in the hearts.

         The endeavor that itself has a reason for courage, an imperative necessity for the ultimate progress of Humanity. But actually human nature is complex; dwell upon once individualistic, collectivistic, egoistic, moralistic, and idealistic against each other.
         I try to emphasize a view for consideration of “forgive & forget” approach, when realization of true peace is the foremost objective destination.
         My suggestion, Forgive the wrong doer’s, but one can never Forget the wrong done to them. Don’t particularly enjoy taking Revenge either…
         “Forgive”, is a consequence related to offered action of injury, whereas in the background of “Forget” lies our intention to resolve & sublime the reaction. Here works the degree of consciousness & dimensions which bring the pursuit of values…

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