11 April 2011

The probability of MORAL Nature…

          ‘Moral’ refers to- psychological effect conforming to standard of behavior & character based on principle of moral sense, scrutiny, lesson, conviction and a moral life.
          ‘Moral’ relates to- duty or obligation pertaining to intention & actions, to the practice, manners or conducts as a social being in relation to each other, subject to rules.
          ‘Moral’ concerned with- principle of right conduct conveying truth as moral obligation, having the effects but not the appearance.
"Ellora"The then  Morality!
          ‘Moral’ based on - knowledge of tendencies of human nature, supported by reason or reams as a moral evidence and certainty.

          Then! Our conducts which are generated from the mind, rests upon moral nature.

          Further, if we do consider ‘Heart is not the Mind and instruction to Mind does not necessarily improve the Heart’... Then! Our Educational Curriculum lacks deficiency of Moral Trainings.

          Thus, we are being left with only option to peruse self improvement of our Moral Nature, through dealing three things…the Emotions, the formed Habits and Association & the Nature. That is, to have right Emotion, the noble Association & the best Habits and following out in right Action of essential Nature. The reality is, what we admire & accepts becomes part of ourselves, through certain routine of the environment & society, according to own liberty, likings & passion. The right way is to have our own way of perfection and encouragement to follow.
          The basic rule of Moral Training is to get suggestion, advice & influences from human interest, great thoughts, the literature's which has ideals & aspirations, history and biography of noble emotions, as a good company in personal life. The Moral impulses include the thirst of knowledge, self devotion, self-respect, purity, honor, nobility, patriotism, skill, beneficence, enterprise, self effacement & loving services etc. which constitute the Moral temper in us and the whole Nation.

          Develop all that is best in the Nature and get rid from the bad qualities & habits by the method of Rejection & Substitution. That is to change by sustained effort of the Will…i.e. Falsehood by ‘Truth’, Fear by ‘Courage’, Selfishness by ‘Sacrifice’, Malice by ‘Love’... while, the unformed virtues should be purified instead of rejection.

          The ‘Moral Nature’ does not offer rewards or punishment, but brings out Consequences…

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