14 May 2011

The sensitiveness of the Senses…

 Sensible Destination
          It is the six senses which minister to our knowledge’s, includes sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste & mind. All except mind gather materials of thought from outside through nerves and their end organs…eye, ear, nose, skin & palate.
          Actually, to bring about perfection of the Senses, two things that are needed of the senses are Accuracy and Sensitiveness, which are the channels of their information and acceptance of the mind as recipient…
          The organs of the senses in themselves do the work, the eye gives the right form, the ears the sound, the palate the right taste, the skin the right touch, the nose the right smell.       Whereas, we watched that a small degree of obstruction in any organ channels will distort the information. The nerves are nothing but channels, having no power to alter the information given by the organs, unless of a physical defect in the organs.
         The mind where exists the sixth sense known as ‘Manas’ is also channel like the nerves, a channel for communication with brain force, to the intellect of the mind. All the images of sight, sound, smell, touch & taste are information reports, goes to end organ, then reproduced at the other end of nerve system in the passive memory. But as a sense organ, even the mind receives direct thought impression from outside and within, for their report to the intellect, which may be distorted to make a partially false impression. As such, the direct impressions of the mind are extremely powerful and the chief source of error. Thus mind should be trained to give a correct report to the intellect so that our thought may start with correct, if not with full impression. Inefficiency of the senses which gathers knowledge is due to insufficient use of senses. Because, generally we do not observe sufficiently or gives sufficient attention and closeness by all six senses…Now make your object of attention interesting, this attention to one thing is known as Concentration.

         It is the regulation of breathing process called ‘Nerve Purification’, which restores the perfect activity of the channels, leads to high activity of the senses, and gives a deliberate calmness to all the internal processes, while prepares the purification of the mind. The full development of this sensitiveness of the mind usually prefers to depend on the sense organs.

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