09 April 2011

The Fire & Love of Knowledge…

          One is aware that knowledge is power…strength…but the definition of ‘Knowledge’ is a matter of “Epistemology”.
Fire colour of "Salvia"
          Actually, ‘Knowledge’ pre-exists and one invokes it into us. In the context and understanding grows our ‘knowledge’ from information’s and experiences, to venture our wisdom & novelty. About seeking knowledge, different facets like eagerness to know, to understand, joy of learning, besides time to do active reading, acquisition etc. is compulsory to refresh what is already there.

          Knowledge is something different from information’s.  The ‘Knowledge’ is like light that reveals all experience, intuition as flash of revealing knowledge, being described as flame. The flame of knowledge also burns, its burns impurities & make the content pure. The burning flame of knowledge dispels darkness, purifies & reveals, gives us heat, which is the intensity of concentration.
         However, everyone will be required to bear the burden of this contemporary crisis of Knowledge in our active life, in some degree or other.

         Likely, it should be the endeavors to know & assigning an important place in the contents of awareness of the issues of its acquisition. Because, Knowledge is not a matter merely of inductive process of thought, but even instincts, desires, emotions, aspirations, faith & intuition etc. which gives clues to Knowledge and are themselves imbued with Knowledge.

          Therefore to deal with ‘Knowledge’, one must love knowledge. Again love of Knowledge has two different aspects, one is ‘Love of seeking Knowledge’ and the other is ‘Love of sharing Knowledge’.
          Finally, it is the ‘Consciousness’, when the foundation of peace is laid, that can hold the full capacity of Knowledge.

         Enjoy! its acquisition & propagation simultaneously…


Saru Singhal said...

I feel this post and earlier one should be read together to improve ourselves. Great Work Again.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Great understanding!
May guide others, while feel Collaboration always matters.