03 April 2011

Development of the “Power of Concentration”.

          Normally, we can hold our “Concentration” for only few seconds or minutes, even after we remain or become interested, the mind get distracted.

          Actually, we never bothered to train this most powerful faculty and the capacity to concentrate when required.

         The ‘Power of Concentration’ is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger if grows. It can be consciously trained…

          To start with, take up something simple, on which to hold Concentration and then keep concentrate on it a long as you can. When you need to apply your Concentration, you will find stronger without any further effort. Practice every day for few minutes by use of any one object from several open choices.
          Likely, concentrate either on a small dot on a white paper, wall or a flame or any picture or letters in a book etc. Whatever is held as the focus, concentrate on it, gather & hold attention, to the exclusive of all else around you. It is not a question of holding the sight on the object, but hold of the mind, hold as long as you can. When attention falters, then stop. Practice daily for 5/10 minutes, within a month your power of Concentration will raise & influence in all your activities.
'Buddha' at Ajanta
          Let’s illustrate, by taking children’s book with large letters as object and exercise for training the ‘Power of Concentration’. Observe the curve of each letter and let the mind’s attention follow the curve around each letters, the edges, the ink & the paper texture one by one. On the first day, you will complete one word, next day several words. In few days you become capable to complete one line in a sitting, soon you can do two lines & more effortlessly. When you can do one full page in a sitting you will certainly overcome your problem of Concentration.

          Hope, you will get remarkable result on regular practice. 

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