03 April 2011

The WILLPOWER and its Strategic Development…

           The ‘Willpower’ is an important facet of human endeavor centered in the mind, operates in all levels and help to achieve anything.
          As a matter of fact, the meaning of ‘Willpower’ of any individual stands by his inner firmness, decisiveness, determination and the power of pushing towards any goal. That is, the ability to control and determine one’s actions, which is considered as inner firmness to make decision, take resolution and subsequent action, even handle and execute any task or aim regardless of inner resistance or difficulties.
The Power's (Ajanta)
          Accordingly, without sufficient ‘Willpower’ it is unlikely that a person will achieve his true destiny.
           Developing Willpower:
          The developments of Willpower are either being neglected or we mostly begin in the wrong way…
          The ‘Willpower’ develops on the basis of a strategy of performance on tasks, consisting gradual increase of difficulties. Normally, when we become adults, we make our resolutions on many occasions or day, which lasts for few days and then fails it mission.

          But, if you want to develop the faculty of ‘Willpower’ then consider your progression at earlier stage with a very small & easy resolution, i.e. which requires a small effort only, instead of starting with difficult one.
          Commit to carry out the task sincerely & punctually as part of daily routine, without any excuses. Keep doing the task every day and sustain the effort, avoid any provocation to skip. Always face yourself to do it by rationalizing the impulses.
          After sustaining the effort for few weeks, you will start to realize the Willpower develops in small but steady steps…and in all other decisions it acts more effectively.
          Then, increase the level of difficulties of your resolutions step by step, along with the level of effort required in small steps, so that the Willpower develops. While planning initial resolution, make sure it’s an easy action and take little time to execute, ensure that any excuse of difficulty or time should never come in the way.
          It is not the level of difficulties that develops the Willpower; rather it is the persistence which trains Willpower.

          Be sure, with developed Power of Concentration combined with trained Willpower you can achieve anything. The central principle for holding interest is to saturate the senses…hold attention…so that whatever may come, you won’t see it, including distraction.


Saru Singhal said...

I agree when you say persistence trains willpower. Great post. I think if we follow it in spirit, we can achieve a lot...

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thanks Saru!
Rightly said, that Information must be processed in order to qualify as Knowledge.