24 February 2011

Idea of "SELF" discovery...

          The concept of self is that, there is one omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient reality, beyond and prevailing the universe, reflects one’s state, reflection of one’s effort & one’s state of mind, all eternal knowledge which is revealed on self, are the scientific explanation of this form of emerging self.

         Self introspection means to become self conscious. On the basis of Knowledge entire human life has organized and formed a civilization with all its fundamental parts…the Mind, the Heart, the Vital and the Body, as four instruments of manifestation of the spirit. There is the Mental being which produces ‘Thought’, the Emotional being organizes ‘Feelings’, the Vital being which provides the ‘Power’ of action and the Physical being that ‘Acts & Gives’ form to everything else. Thus protecting and living according to the eternal knowledge is the fundamental duty of human being and it is a certain attitude of consciousness which is necessary.

          It is accepted truth, for the Mind we need ‘Knowledge’, the Heart we needs “Joy & Love’, the Life needs ‘Power’ and for Matter we needs ‘Beauty’.
As such, first ‘Know’ yourself; secondly ‘Know’ your strength, limitations & potential possibilities, finally ‘Work’ upon consciously use strength to overcome any limitations, work to consciously bring out the latent potentialities.
         To Know oneself means, to know the motives of one’s action & reactions, and to choose one’s own destiny, the why & the how of all that happens in oneself. To Master oneself means to do what one has decided to do, to do nothing but that, not to listen to or follow impulses or desires.  To Master your circumstances, your environment, your life or your self being, you have to learn to master yourself first.

          The soul comes in human form with combination of basically three egos…
             (i)     Intellectual capacities (sattwaic).
             (ii)    Martial spirit & sense of heroism (Rajasic).
             (iii)   Supposed to serve the society & fulfill its basic needs (Tamosic).
    According to their proportion laws of one’s nature is made.

          Now, the goal is to reignite the deeper flame of inspiration that will lead towards deepest truth of self manifestation, the acquisition of this excellent virtue of spontaneous self disciplines, become a conscious individuality, who exists in yourself, by yourself, independently of all your surroundings.

          However, what did it taste like, look like, feel like, what did the experience remind you of? Will emerge in self as a focus across a whole range of disciplines; uphold a promising dimension of growing interests, an exhibit of a coherent compilation beyond the logging of events & issues.   

          ‘Self’ cannot be known accept through self discipline, and self discipline cannot become perfect with the true knowledge of the self. The pursuit of values demands increasing self control & self mastery, which is true, again it is related to self knowledge. And self “psychological” knowledge is intimately related to world “ethical” knowledge & God “spiritual” Knowledge.

          It’s a self joy in the journey that truly matters…


Saru Singhal said...

Great post, I feel life is a journey of rediscovering ourselves.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thanks!needs only illuminating focus...either or survivor.

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