05 March 2011

Human Personality & its Quality.

          The Human being is a five fold personality…a physical frame as the BODY, a life energy as the VITAL, a thinking and feeling and willing being as MENTAL, a Divine center as PSYCHIC being and finally a SPIRITUAL principle as soul.
          In the light of their integral psychology we can profitably turn to the great potentialities of integral development, according to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

PHYSICAL: The body has a wonderful capacity of adoption and endurance. We should make our body strong & supply enough to become a fit instrument in the Material World. The body will be the expression of a perfect …Health, Strength, Dexterity, Plasticity, Harmony, Beauty & Physical Consciousness etc.

VITAL: The vital is the seat of Power, Energy, Enthusiasm, effective Dynamism, regulates Right Attitude & Self-Confidence. Always manifest Sense Refinement, Courage, Willpower, Controls, Perseverance, Fearlessness and Forbearance etc.

MENTAL: The mind gives the Power of Understanding and will be the vehicle of infallible Knowledge. In our mind emerges Close Observation, Discrimination, Good Memory etc. along with Emotional Balance and Aesthetic Sensitivity and Moral Sense.

PSYCHIC: The psychic or soul alone has the right to govern our life, it’s the vehicle of Peace & Love for Truth and Beauty and Good, Faith, Sincerity, Adoration, Surrender to the Devine, Enlightened Conviction etc.

SIPRITUAL: The spirituality is the sign of Power which itself has founded and constituted Life, Mind & Body and emerges a Living and Thinking existence of the Spirit, as something else than Mind & greater than Mind, Spirituality as something other than mentality & distinct from the mental being. In brief it’s the Cosmic Awareness, Transcendence, Freedom, Absolute Uninvolvement, All Inclusiveness etc. 

A Historical Pioneer (Ajanta)

          All the above attributes are simply suggestive for ever growing qualities of a properly developing PERSONALITY. These terms of development cannot be cut and pieces together in any artificial manner by any exclusive programme, for one or the other of them. It’s a whole life programme of development commencing from Birth and continuing through out Life.

          Explore the spirit…develop your true personality as a human endeavor. 


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