10 March 2012

What is called MOnEY? We are Rich!!.

        The phenomena of what is called “MOnEY”?... 
        Money is simply curious & sensational, at least not human then it's animal!... It is at once…Real Or Virtual; Material Or Abstract; Literal Or Symbolic…
        What ultimately turns paper into promise or pleasure is that illusive & unstable, thing called Value! apart from the values of human possession. 

        The fact of circumstance cannot be overstressed that to in the achievement of fulfillment. It’s the ‘object’ which manifests choice to be in the Nature’s way of being, must not be uselessly disturbed. 
        But, when mixed with the egoistic lower movements that tarnish it & take away all the power of purity, an inevitable consequence. 

        The emotions is one of the best & rewarding great virtues which makes us survive in the society bond by Relationship…meaning of selflessness!. 

          Let not some pretty coins buy our virtues!... 

        Virtually! With perseverance, patience & appropriate strategy are more important than a bulk of RESOURCES…

We are naturally... rich!..:))
trend of owning...

Silver in the Hair..
Pearl for the care..
Gold in the Teeth..

Platinum in the face treat..
Crystals in the Kidneys..
Sugar in the Blood..
Lead in the Ass..
Iron in the Arteries..

Precious stone & glasses to protect & see..
Pace maker in the heart..
Steel rod & bolts to join bones..
an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gases..

Oh! Lord/God..an inventory of ferrous , non ferrous metals, stones & ....

Do never think to accumulate wealth either way!...:))

Hope, everyone will consider it as filler post..


Anonymous said...

nice post
our values,relations are more important than that paper money

Being_AC said...

@ Chirag Joshi,
Thank you Chirag to build a relation with the post..:)
It's essential to fulfill needs, but for desire judgement!!

Saru Singhal said...

True Sir but we don't realize it. I love the narration here...

We are naturally wealthy...:)

Being_AC said...

@ Saru,
Thank you.
Virtually! One line message,
let's money come & go for good works..
Don't accumulate..:)