29 March 2012

Understanding the "Overstanding"

Father of the Nation! Overstanding perception..  
        As a matter of fact, the basic aim of any communication is to create interest and promote understanding…

        It is this enriched content, which correlate enrichment with the subject or object or topic on hand. If one gets interested can be regarded to have been placed in the right position, and tend to like or love the subject.

        As soon as this event takes place, variety of nature begins to progress and inner self begins to explore and discover what is hidden…through reflection or contemplation.
        Where Interest is the key to Concentration, which ultimately becomes the key to Knowledge.

        Therefore, it is eminent… anyone can incite awakening of interest and this aided by the process of ‘Understanding’.
        Where Understanding is considered of being of two fold…

        It is when, we look into the centre of the idea, or concept, or subject, or matter. And which is followed by the perception of grasp and process of the meaning settles down in the consciousness, in a state of satisfaction & repose… 
        Naturally, the content enlarges the vision and opens out the vistas of Universal, which serves contemplation and Understanding

        On the other, Understanding can be followed by higher stages with the help or support to enrich the onwards journey… by the process of experience and received understanding to call as overstanding!

        If understanding considered as standing ‘below’ the ‘object’ of the meaning… a stage where there is a strain and effort to grasp.

        On the other hand, one can stand ‘above’ the ‘object’ of understanding, and may feels being on the top…from where vast horizon can be viewed effortlessly and even majestically.
 The status of Understanding! Nation or Citizen. 
        The ultimate goal of all Studies is to arrive at overstanding, which opens up wide space in which one can transmute & fly high & wide, to create and discover, above the base of understanding…

        The system of our education & structure, left out to evaluate critical intelligence, qualities, values, skills of head, heart & hands…

        This may lead to the further understanding of the need of directing our efforts to operate, generate and strengthen the forces of Understandings into a synthesis, to possibly aspire achievement of Overstanding on the matter & object, through developed power of concentration and capacity of attention.

        I personally do agree to have obvious limitation of understanding, although try to establish the realm & provisioning some content of better understanding…

        I know the level of understanding of my valued counterpart visitors, much higher & wide, where I found myself in the purview of experience, disconnected with the Global village between 10 to 6.00PM.
        However, that does not matter much; so far enjoy the access of peace & harmony, without abiding the norms of a Blogger, stand proactive in this creative ground, with low entity & affinity of understanding, without any problem. 

       Wish for better understanding, experience & overstanding...

        Thank you,



Rohit Singh Jain said...

WOW! It's been a philosophical evening.

Anonymous said...

If only the level of understanding of all people rose to a certain standard ...
the world would be a paradise!

Loved your writing.

Being_AC said...

@ Rohit Singh Jain,
Thank you Mr Jain to reflect your quality of understanding..:)
Have a scientific good wishes.

@ matheikal,
Thanks a lot for your favour please,

Your today's thread most likely synonymous and thought provoking.
As 'Architect' your contribution is much more important..All the best.

Saru Singhal said...

I wish reading such a profound post helps in opening up wide space in which I can transmute & fly high. Thanks for another lesson Sir...:)

Being_AC said...

@ Saru,
Equally profound believe on your part to attempt...
No contained of lesson.:) myself understanding & capturing the ideas which connects to the Universal, a personal initiative.

As a blogger u fly high, wish transformation & recognition.
Thanks to support the spirit.

Anonymous said...

hello there - re your "larvin post" the other day email me and i will get back onto you heres a direct link