28 February 2012

The Word which rules Travelling is Reliability!

        The articulate which gives dimension to traveling is ‘Interest’, and augments the purpose and dispensations are ‘Reliability’...

        Whenever, the consent comes in the fray, we start to act on reliability at every level of its manifestation, involve much preparation, energy & organization to reach out the destination.

        I feel, it is most important to be capable of being relied to enjoy the proceedings for the achievement of any reliable sources, as well as the extreme resources, including meeting exciting people on transit or at any locations, on any travel equations…

        It is on the basis of this form of trustworthiness, inevitably get contact, found & meet numerous exciting people of various cross-sections, certainly with initial uncertainties. So far traveling is concern, always traveled as a tourist from early age with my parents, and now with my family & daughter. 
        I have the opportunity to travel within our beloved Country in particular, although visited Nepal & Bhutan… Precisely! to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s moods... Be it in the form of, vastness & delicacies of the deserts; murmur of aquamarine ocean or sea’s; unique folds of undulating emerald of forest & wild life sanctuaries; majestic huge mountain ranges & chains, high altitudes surround with cold, snowflakes & approaching snow capped mountains, play of clouds; even relating monuments, ancient traditions of historicity… Anything & everything, free from chaos & clumsy urban structures, it always leans a sense of peace & joy…

Reminder of Tradition!
        As I reconciled on this assigned topic, found a series of memorable character’s to consider, those who left lasting impressions or continue relations, be it a driver, local residents, hotel personnel’s, regional personalities, stranger’s or even co-tourist’s…

        But, before the disclosure of my preference, I like to mention one Mr. Anup (actual name) of Delhi who was young, sober & well build; as expert rally driver accompanied us for Himachal tour of 14 days from Delhi & back by ‘Tarvera’. Within the said span, he transformed as our family member, broke down & cried on final drop, certainly due to reciprocity & arduous triumph for humanity. Since then, remain connected on belief & gesture of gratitude as a nice human insides. Other friends & family taken the privilege of his services, never forget the reaction, when offered some small gifts for his family & small children as token of memory. I also remember how sincerely, he offered me attractive investment plans, at his own discretion…

Sail Away! and Followed!
        Anyway, now let’s come to the true level of my original share, where I like to mention about a newlywed couple met during our second Trip (out of four) to Sikkim, seven years back. The excitement lies with his identity, who happens to be the Head of the Dept.of 'Travel & Tourism Management' of a renowned University. As such, I neither mention his name nor interested to provide the location.
        We first met during a local package tour of 1 N 2 days to ‘Yumthang valley & Katao (snow fall zone)' of north Sikkim during last week of December, at Tata Sumo. They where seating at the back, along with our six member team including my better half.  Our introduction reveal stated identity, gradually came to know  Mr.Ghosh (not correct) arrange his tour programme with the help of his outgoing student from Kolkata & reliable Travel Agency.  Learnt! for the same tour he paid almost double the charge I paid, as negotiated on spot, examining the 4 wheel drive vehicle, because of huge snow fall conditions there. The journey allow, brief discussion on his subject and share my travelling experiences, where he likely advocating operative norms & practices... 

        There next destination, matched with our plan to go to Darjeeling and they seek our company. I duly agreed the support, and enjoyed there joining, besides taken details idea about the prospect of Indian tourism industry from his excellent academic assessments. However, my defense was ground experience to encounter multilevel beneficiaries.
        Before reaching Darjeeling on 31st Dec. came to know, here also his ex-student booked his hotel; we separated on arrival, where leaving family at a restaurant, booked our Hotel with excellent condition at much discounted bid.
        After few hours the same couple meet us at market place and ask to visit our Hotel, on arrival the purpose been disclosed, as Mr. Ghosh said, he felt deprived, where almost at the doubled rate his hotel & room both is uninhabitable. With surprise ask me to rescue, which was meted by shifting and leaving behind the expense.

        As a result of which, the togetherness continued, associated from a hobby, through interest and then relied on mutual interest...belief!
        We never book hotels & transports at that point. Now facing difficulties, due to tour operators prior proactive movements. As a result of which, for the last two years, set a siding the convention, I am now indulging eternity with Tour organizers.
        At my last tour to Arunachal on Sep’11, notice closely the crisis in absence of prior bookings.
        At this juncture, I tribute Mr.Ghosh who within five/six years reminds me what he projected with order & authority, the then wisdom, vision & mission now seems materializing, rather almost in control by this prospective industry peoples & professionals. Who personally suffered a defeat may be in a condition of own circumstance. The situation now improves; rather the solidarity of evidence and faith worked in his favour, and may now giving enduring hope, control & happiness

Deep inside-North East domestic prayer!
        The emphasis for giving prominence to Mr. Ghosh, is because of his the then position & experience, factually or morally for creating future professional skills to lead the Industry of Travel & Tourism, as it is now presented and growing at steady pace. I always think it’s interesting to go little deep every time we go to some place that seems like a revelation to an emotional truth with a time gap, at either ends. Last few years lost communication, but the post will remain as an evidence of how a stranger becomes close to heart & mind, from a memorable tour. 
        As long as Beauty & happiness lives in beautiful places, surrounded by natural beauty, serene, glory & mystery… harnessed their beauty & facilities maintained by human efforts… offering every morning the ecstatic feels, allow to grab blissful moments… The Naturalists, will reach there to take the glimpses of surreal Beauty of those plateau and infinite horizons around the Globe, including our resourceful huge Country. Even, according to “Legatum Prosperity Index” World’s happiest countries happens to be the most beautiful one’s…  
Mystically Arriving!! Expedia...
        And to attend the compliments from such destinations, sometimes journey itself seems a destination… a reputed Tour Operator becomes essential ingredient, to manage, balance & organize the holistic plan, for arriving a novel & revealing connection…enduring association.
        In that sequence, I already occupied a trip to Himachal Pradesh (tribal circuit-Kinnaur: sangla, kalpa,reckong peo etc.) from 27th May to 7th June, by a popular Kolkata based Tour Operator. Naturally, many thanks to remind me the values of progress, where as a core hobby tourist changed my stance and now opting dependence over operating agencies, once critically differs, rather convince others in contrary, incidentally who was one of the real producer & mentor of this present trend.
Expedience trade winds!

        I found myself happy, and continue to discover beauty through travel to new destinations, like creating another post on completion of this journey. Consciously! attempted to establish the element of Reliability through integrity...

* No photograph relates to the post, but like Expedia sets the ambiance & intimacy :))

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Anonymous said...

travelling is always an unforgattable moment
nicely written

Saru Singhal said...

Planning a trip is very difficult and things can be very different than what you booked before hand. Thanks for giving us an account on your trips.

All the best for the contest!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Chirag Joshi,
Thank you Chirag for joining in this trip to the Contest World..
It's my pleasure to acknowledge your appreciation. I tried to present it with some worth..

@ Saru,
Yea! do agree things is going to be much different in every aspect, rather feel profound difference on other accounts too..

Thanks a lot Saru for your support.

vasrao@gmail.com said...

calJust shows gap between theory & practice !

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ vasu,
Thank you,
In between can't rule out the influence of Experience! like every sphere of life activities(theory & practice)..
Here itself the condition changed with time! as always in conflict:)

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