19 February 2012

Beauty & Charms of 'Antirrhinum'-Garden(13)...

 “Antirrhinum” is my favourite which always sets the variance of a garden. Now days, the dwarf variety is preferred. As per the formation of the flower, it is being known as Snapdragon.

Hope, this post will set the mood, by way of adding beauty, colour & charm of Antirrhinum flower.

As a matter of fact, this year I could not able to acquire the plant (seed lings) from the nursery, at the particular stage of requirement. So missed by exception and therefore not included this variety when announced release of exclusive series…

The obvious question comes, and then is it from previous records. No! All the pictures are of this season & from my office garden…
I considered inclusion of antirrhinum, because of being my favourite and always gives importance, rather reserved  every year a bed for the pupose. Although, it can be grown at pots, but my preference is to allot at beds.

By this time, in the exclusive category I already brings out Pansy, Impatiens, Petunia, Chrysanthemum (Big & small), Mari gold, Dahlia and Rose one by one...

Next exclusive variety release will be "Dianthus", that too from my garden

Thanks for the visit.


Anunoy Samanta said...

hey... u lucky man :)

Subhadra said...

Wish I could get seedlings of these at my nursery.. beautiful flowers..

matheikal said...

Delightful shots. Flowers are charming at any time, anywhere and you've brought all that charm here.

Being_AC said...

@ Subhadra,
Thanks to raise a valid query,
This is AMERI SEED,USA variety (chimes mix) and being accured on germination @Rs. 2/-only.. Ask your nursery, rather requisition next time by name.
Best of luck.

Being_AC said...

@ matheikal,
Many thanks.. It's not the shots but the flowers make it delightful.:) Your statement is equally charming.Good wishes

Kajal said...

Beautiful flowers ! and brilliantly taken pics.
glad to have found a blogger from Dhanbad..first one for me:)

Just started to discover Indiblogger. voted for your psot there too!

Kajal Chanchani @http://purplechronicle.blogspot.com

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar said...

Such lovely, vibrant flowers - thanks for the pics!

AmitAag said...

A riot of colors...with Holi just round the corner...very much in place!!...amit:)

Being_AC said...

@ Kajal,
Glad to welcome and thanks a lot for valued recognition.
It's a privilege..and wish subsequent visit.Best of luck.

@ Manreet Sodhi Someshwar,
A matter of satisfaction to have a favorable comments from a matured contributor like you..
Thanks!Sincerely wish for your progress.

@ AmitAag,
Thank you very much friend! for leaving a colorful and cheering response on visit..connecting 'Holi'..
See you at poetic zone.:)

Anonymous said...

Wow , that is a beauty. And I can't wait to take time off to read your pages soon.

And thanks for appreciating my blog thru Indiblogger.

Namaste.- Pattu

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Being_AC said...

@ 'Pattu'ji Namaskar,
Thanks a lot for warm response.
I am equally glad to have your presence here at my garden (post)..

All the best.
Atanu Chatterjee

Ranjana's craft blog said...

I can only say beautiful!

Being_AC said...

@ Ranjana's craft blog,
Many thanks for the same,
All the best.