07 January 2012

A Valley of Moments:Garden-(5)-ing

Welcome to the post:

Today I am going to show you, about a non conventional season flower 'Impatiens', bit obstinate in a sense, that its neither get due importance in a garden nor it is available everywhere.
This time the proprietary seed of  'Impatiens' (Variety:Accents) came from USA, Goldsmith.
Usually the height of this plant is around 6-8 inches, but the spread is remarkable. I posted the seed link by October 30th and result is now in front of you all...
At the early stage, care is required by application of systematic fungicides & insecticide, because its sensitive. Before planting any seed-links, soil  preparation takes an important part. I will give a fundamental guidelines later on, now I maintain the garden with minimum effort & investment of time.

Anyway, see the impact, but unfortunately due to depressive weather condition & rain for the last two days caused severe damage to flower's.. Earlier post was on 'pansy' only.
You will not find much attempt to grow 'Impatiens' at beds, that's a different experience. I like to suggest for glowing in pots, because of its sensible nature & best suited character.
All the photograph that I use to my blog is exclusively personal effort and unedited version...
So far photography is concern, its my oldest hobby and still comfortable with manual LSR, while in this digital age and introduction of computer, I stay apart from this creative amateur art.

But Nature is supreme :)

1.     Mancozeb 75% WP, Indo Gulf Fertiliser.
2.     Bavistin, systemic fungicide, BASF.
3.     SAAF, protective & curative fungicide, United Phosphorus limited.
Note: For preparation of bed or pot soils, I applied ‘Mancozeb’at once. When bought seed-links, before plantation disinfected by ‘Bavistin’ solutions including roots & repeat spray on 7 days intervals @ 1tsp/2lites water. Alternately ‘SAAF’ is recommended to ensure complete prevention action.
4.     Furadan 3 G, FML India Pvt Ltd.
Carbofuran 3%G
5.     Phorate10%, systemic insecticide, Indo gulf Fertiliser.
6.     Tafgor, insecticide, Rallis, Tata.
7.     Hunter 50%, insecticide.
Note: At early stage of the plants, the concentration is more important because otherwise may cause damage. A standard proportion is 5ml : 2 liters water for spray.
8.     Fighter-505, chlorpyrihos 50%& cypermethrin 5%, RPC Agro Industries.
9.     Surja, insecticides, Khusblal Agro chemicals (P) Ltd.

Some useful sustainable Fertilizers:

Here I do avoid chemical fertilizers, although its application is widespread & almost known. Some super active alternatives is given for knowledge & possible application. I do apply natural balance & fertility of soil through organic products. Earlier there were no such availability and dependence on chemical fertilizers was essential.
1.     Neem shield, organic manure, Vinayak Fats & Proteins P Ltd.
2.     Organic Plant food,  Liebigs Agro Chem.
3.     Complete Plant ‘Multiplex’ Nutrients, garden mixture, Karnataka Agro Chemicals.
4.     Sudha Suman, Balanced organic food, Lienigs Agro Chem.
5.     Plant hormone sprays ‘Planofix’ Bayer, which increases productivity, most effective on mango plant.
Note: I will discuss in details on fertilizers later on. Here what is mentioned not necessary to have it all…


Saru Singhal said...

Beautiful, I will share it with my mom:)

Thank you Sir!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thankful! Saru,
Your performance is highly appreciated :)
I will try to create a details post, at least capture my experience..
Best of luck.