26 January 2012

Official Republic, Public & Flowering- 2012

                                  Beautiful Republic’2012
On this auspicious Republic day of India, I changed my mind to have a post on what I watched few minutes back during attending our official Republic day celebration by my Organization…having a mark of presence since Independence.
Here comes a set of photographs of central flag hosting taken an hour back and being posted immediately. Watch it! Time 8.45AM onwards...26th January'2012, location DVC, Maithon Dam, Jharkhand...

Flag hosting at 8.58 AM

        Hope everyone enjoys the happy & beautiful Republic of our beloved country.

To mark the post memorable, I do hereby giving a flowery tribute of the day, through one of our official gardens few exhibits from recently taken album..

                  Many thanks for the visit.


Saru Singhal said...

Moment of pride...And thanks for sharing the lovely pictures...

Seema said...

oh..my God....awesome...soooooooo colorful....thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

nice pics and happy republic day
i know iam 2 days late

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru Singhal,
Thank you Saru,the day certainly inspire across all sections..
Visiting Kol. caused delay! good wishes.

@ Seema,
Many thanks for your response,
A referral to ground realities from a small destination. Be happy.

@ Chirag Joshi,
Pleased to acknowledge your happy wish. Many thanks for your attention. I am also late to respond.:)Sorry!

Vijay Shenoy said...

Nice pictures... Just a thought, May be you could add captions to these photographs..

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Vijay Shenoy,
Thanks a lot..You are absolutely right. But since the post was on republic day's event, I supported it by photographic means & language, not through captions..
Hope you understand my limitation.:)
Best of luck.