12 December 2011

Script of the 'Hosts' grooming-"Garden-(3)-ing"

Do Welcome again to the garden-land :

         A chronicle of personal experiences en-route my Gardening has been initiated few days back, it's the third release... and this is important in a sense that it will divulge the entire scenario of my garden flowers progress & commitment to offer beauty & joy, as actual parents of the flowers...
         I think, everyone has seen these plants & flowers earlier, but the difference is, you might have not find the scope to watch the pre-flowering stage of brightness & stamina. I like this stage of the extravaganza... because at this stage they need my sincere support to fulfill their requirements towards natural commitment, a change of almost daily, reflecting balance between demand & supply, struggle to represent the fraternity by origin etc... Here lies the integrated satisfaction...

                               ATTENTION PLEASE:  WATCH IT OUT...

'Pansy' bed..

At the center 'Pansy' bed & at flat post- Petunia (Double)

'Impatiens' bed, surrounded by pots of Chrysanthemum , Inca etc.
'Petunia' (single) bed, just flushing started

'Petunia' bed from different angle..

'Petunia' (first burst)
Pots -After the bed its Inca, Dianthus (small pot) & Salvia..

'Inca' getting ready for flowering..

Close up view of 'Inca' pot
'Dahlia' pot, have ten different varieties...

Chrysanthemum (small), having  ten varieties..


A close up of opening 'Celosia'..
'Calendula' bed..
Impatiens (close up)

Impatiens (close up)

Impatiens (close up)

Impatiens (close up), Do remember!
Impatiens (close up)
Impatiens (close up)
'Impatiens' at pot..
It's 'Calendula', there are other colours too..

first 'Pansy' at its display of beauty..

A release of 'Pansy' at the bed..today!

A permanent plant 'Milli'..available in diff. colours

The post left with no scope to give any information or elaborate description. What is needful to mention, already the final feed to the plants has been provided and witnessing daily changes towards flowering. Hope, within last week of December most varieties will show its individual performances.

You all,witnessed an affinity, then an interest gradually converted to a 'Hobby' and now a commitment towards communicating matters, such as impact of minimizing carbon footprints i.e. pollution prevention & a small personal investment on long term environment economics...

N:B: Pot colouring & display is incomplete.

Many thanks!


Subhadra said...

I am liking your garden to the extend of being a little jealous :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thank you Subhadra,
Means you are a real hobbyist:)
Build up experience,then progress or result is certain. In comparison to past its nothing. Keep the Will.. Stay happy.

sriramnivas said...

The term 'environment economics' sounds interesting.....RISE OF AN AMATEUR ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST!!!
That's how, I would love to call you....Carry on with your good work. Mother nature will bless you with all the wealth.

From: www.sriramnivas.com

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Many thanks Sriramnivas, for your visit & exceptional post friendly comment:)
Its become a part of social obligation & accountability to Mother nature.Wish your progress.

Saru Singhal said...

It's such a clean, organized and beautiful place. I wish I can visit you sometime and spend some quality time admiring it.

Deepak Doddamani said...

Excellent flowers Sir;

Happy to nominate you for this award.
Plz check out:

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Welcome & endorse your wish heartily. An open invitation to be my guest, without expiry date..:)

Wish your progress & congrats for 6 months blog age with a remarkable celebration post today.

@ deepbaazigar,
Many many thanks to consider my candidature & information.
Really a grateful conduct, but I seriously lacks the quality to comply the relevant honour..
I wish your best of luck.