06 December 2011

Script of Agility "Garden-(1)-ing"

Welcome :

A chronicle of personal experiences en-route my Gardening, attached to my residence... might found some useful information's for interested hobbyist & beginners.I see myself associated physically & emotionally and owe the Hobby a great deal.
This post will give views and stage of the seed-links secured, as new born babes...


In this area, I can flow    spontaneously and effortlessly, because of my practical experience & reasonable knowledge in the background.

Actually, from my childhood days I have great affinity towards Gardening; ultimately became a prominent hobby, since I like real things, which is simple and lasting...

This memorable journey approaching 25 years, while covered a wide range from flori to horticulture, i.e. complete ranges of flowers, deco & ornamental plants, fruits or vegetable with seeds, seed links, grafting from hybrid, variegated to tissue cultured species.


Although, it has a great impact on climate & soil health, I experienced almost all varieties in some part of the past. During the last 4 years, I restricted my activities to seasonal options only. 


Inca- F1/ Valina

My all time favorite is to grow & experiment ‘Chrysanthemum’ (Big). Even, succeeded non soil growing…
On this subject matter, I can go to any length quite confidently & without any homework. As such, do not find interest to create any post until now.


I like to spend a quality time of my leisure on this field, which I enjoy & consider as direct personal contribution towards environment & Nature...

My home garden seems attractive, certainly recreational and productive, because it has a small kitchen garden division, where selective vegetables have its own ambiance. 
Yes! Broccoli's are my favorite choice; however Tomato, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brinjel, Carrot, Beans, Radish, Onion, Chili, Coriander leaves etc. etc. is common.


Provides opportunity to have in advance ready, fresh, rich value added organic base products, not available at market.
This year’2011 (winter) garden inventory reduce to 120 pots, 5 framed beds to accommodated about 200 seed links of 14/15 varieties flowers, excluding vegetable ranges.
Dahlia, on thump pots

The execution process has started from Aug/Sep’11, from soil preparation to planting seed links by last date of Oct’11. Then from Nov onwards is the vital period for care, nursing, supervision, curing, and prevention etc. involvement is intense, regular & compulsive for healthy growth like any living creature.
Border- Marigold

The course contemplates with fungusities, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers both soil & foliage are essential to ensure growth & development.
At full flowering situation (Jan) attracts birds, butterflies & bees.

Dalia seeds varities

All the pictures relates the actual status of the seed- links (not all) which I possessed and take charge for subsequent manipulation of caring & grow...
To make the post informative given a list below, from which one can know the origin of the seeds and rate of transactions, with respect to particular varieties.

1.     Dianthus, Special (Ideal select Mix); -USA, Pan American Seed..@3/-

2.     Petunia, Super Cascade Mix (single); USA, Pan American Seed..@3/-
         Petunia Ultra Red Star (Double)- Goldsmith Seeds…@5/
         Petunia Double fanfare (Single); USA, Ameri Seeds...@3/-
3.     Salvia, Scarlet Queen (Red); USA, Pan American Seed…@2/-
4.     Celosia, Plumosa Red-Sakata Seed Corp….@2/-
5.     Calendula (Touch of red mix)-Benary…@1/-
6.     Pansy F1 ,Majestic Giants (Mix)-Sakata seed Corp… @5/-
7.     Nasturtium (Alaska Mix); USA,Ameri Seed …@ 2/-
8.     Gazania (Sunshine Mix); USA, Pan American Seed..@3/-
9.     Impatiens (Accents)-Goldsmith Seeds…@5/- 
10.   Marigold, African (Vanila)-USA,Goldsmith Seeds…@6/-
11.   INCA-F1 (Orange/Yellow/Gold);USA, Goldsmith Seeds…@3/-
12.   Gladulus, Balls (origin: Kallingpong,WB)…@4/-
13.   Dahlia (cuttings)...@2/ 
14.   Chrysanthemum (cuttings) Big & small @2/-

Due to some exigencies, rather lack of opportunity unable to create and open this faculty to add posts on real life activities until now. Soon I will display on date progress of flowers & kitchen garden separately, because already they are getting ready to express beauty & worth...

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Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Bery nice..am a gardener too :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Many thanks MBC,
I think visited your Garden
earlier :)

Atanu Chatterjee

Saru Singhal said...

I should share this post with my mom, she loves plants and she runs a green house in HP.

sriramnivas said...

Nice to see you as a constant gardener. Your love for labour should be appreciated by these garden plants in the form of robust growth!!!

From: www.sriramnivas.com

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
I will feel honored to get introduced with your proud Mother..
Green house & HP a rich resource combination.Please ask your Mother for suitable topic for writing & convey. Thank you.

@ sriramnivas,
Many thanks dear for your extreme encouragement.
At least it provides overall satisfaction & good enviornment indeed!

Subhadra said...

Very good collection. Where do you pick up seeds from? I recently bought 3 packets of fish thinking of brightening up my garden a bit and nothing sprouted. Very disappointed.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Subhadra,
Welcome & thanks for the visit.
You can pick your seed links from a professional Nursery,quality depends on origin of seeds. I am getting here at this remote place, so find a right & reliable similar service centre..
Any intermediate supplement do not help,without a comprehensive plan..
I will try to provide strategy in future. Best of luck.