16 October 2011

Gee Raha Hai…TION’se! Follow how?

        If anyone introspect the complete circle of one’s individual life, you will find life has plenty of … Tion’s/sion’s… in Action & Reactions!

        Without much confusion, see the fact. Hope the same will give you the clue why life being said or considered to be lead… “Saan se” (in Hindi) :) equivalent in English …Tion/Sion’ se, by concept regulation.

           Before disclosure, one condition is enforceable! At the end, the readers please agree to stay free from one …Tion only, while enjoy accomplishing at least 25 …Tion’s free of cost…:)

In front of an Sun Temple..(Ranchi)

·        To start with, a life is a soul in Evolution.
·        It first follows birth preferably at operation theater & through Operation.
·        Immediately looks for birth Registration.
·        Then comes the option of Vaccination.
·        Thereafter choosing a suitable Institution.
·        The parents get involved for admission towards Education.
·        Likely stage by stage appears in Examinations.
·        After few years fulfills aspiration, a degree of Graduation.
·        Then undertake a suitable profession, by elimination & Selection.
·        Settled in a location, may prefer some Creation or Innovation.
·        Always tentative to achieve Promotion & Perfection.
·        Equally conscious about skill, power, wealth Organization.
·        Next comes love or arrange marriage Negotiation.
·        Naturally evolve for production of next Generation.
·        Becomes proactive to achieve Reputation & Recognition.
·        Existence matured to balance distractions & normalcy Restorations.
·        Inclined for socialization, within the rules of the Constitution & Traditions.
.        Gradually, age grows while faces physical Detoriation.
·        To stay free from illness seeks prescription from Dr’s Consultation.
·        Attending the age comes Superannuation from service or Profession.
·        Then steps towards Reconciliation, Devotion or Isolation.
·        At the end follows a procession, a Consolation to family members to  Cremation.
·        In front of a photograph conducts a ritual occasion & Function.
·        Sometimes property gets partition, family members in Litigation.
·        Then spouses enter the cycle of another Transformation.

       Now take charge of the commitment, just remember! Remain free from 10 Tions… (Tension); while avail any other 25 Tion’s ( Saan) to prolong your accommodation in this unique Universe.

       None can escape this route of “geo …Tion se”. Let’s believe the reality and enjoy life …Saan' (…Tion) se. Now understanding this logical explanation one should be convinced why we say it quite often…:) Satisfied!


Ashish Joshi said...

very thought and thought provoking. the tions and sions are very nicely put in perfect evolutionary path !

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Ashish Joshi,
Very encouraging strike Ashish:)

Many thanks for giving perfect attention..Best of luck.

Sujatha Sathya said...

this is unique
how did u even come up with this!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thanks Sujata for participation, question & allow open discussion:)

Simply, an action for arriving a destination, with an option of permutation & combination..
May be my genes mutation or its your quality observation..
Stay happy withOUT 10 & WITH 9 Saan's:)without preparaTION.