24 October 2011

"Cam Sense" - Arunachal Trip,Oct'11- (6/10)

ARUNACHAL PRADESH-  Tour scheduled from 5th to 11th October'2011, with objective to explore the beauty of a hill state.
I certainly mention my route and destination, while gradually release Nature's Signature in brief...
Let me categorizes in the following  order...

 1.  BOMDILA (released post no.1/10 dated 19.10.11)
 2.  TAWANG (released post no.2/10 dated 20.10.11)
 3.  SELA PASS & MADHURI LAKE (Tawang)...( released post no.3/10 dated 20.10.11)   
 4.  WAR MEMORIAL & MILITARY Vigilance ( released post no.4/10 dated 22.10.11)
 5.  MONASTERY ( Tawang & Bomdila) ...(released post no.5/10 dated 23.10.11)
 6.  TRIBAL CULTURE ... This post..

The following posts will come gradually...

In continuation to earlier releases, this post in dedicated to the tradition and culture of the region, - Arunachal Pradesh. Actually, it seems to be difficult to frame this category. Since, it's not a preplanned photographic mission! Anyway, within obvious  limitations I tried to do justice on this category at my level best. No such publication came to my mind till my return :)

I have not tried to describe the photographs, so that  its purity remain intact.. Enjoy the ambiance, colour, depth, wideness, wildness & Beauty... Be informed, the journey involves rise to altitude about 16,000 ft plus height and temperature equivalent to snow fall conditions. Unfortunately, not seen snow at footstep. But it was equally fascinating...
                   This is a worship room belongs to a Tawang resident

Traditional and spiritual environment..dated  7.10.11

A preparation to worship! offering are getting ready ( 7.10.11)

                      An ambiance of a residents drawing room..right & vibrant..

At Tawang

Domestic dinning table!

Nice rhythm of staking! find in every houses...(essential source of fuel)

Traditional symbol of progress..( find everywhere)

A cute & innocent future citizen

A naughty action in display!

Smart boy is preparing himself at boarding school, a sign of progress..

A domestic Artwork!

Stage farming at lower altitude

Reciting Worship with music...

Kitchen Management- Yak meat..

Yak meat drying at roof top!

Granny engaged in Praying..

Tomato cultivation! lower region..

A sweaty welcomes with smile at roadside tea stall..

     Noticed that, many houses furnished with pot flowers, signifies affinity and attachment with nature..

At Tawang..

Here comes a traditional sign of prospects.. to rest on the foundation of happiness and hope...

A memento collected for personal procession..
 In the background of this lucky object, I wish well being of every visitors, friends & Blogger's...


MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

Dear Blogger Friend,Wish U a Warm and Happy Diwali.Enjoy the Festivities with taste-filled delights,Safe and Delicious Memorable Moments - Regards, Christy Gerald

Saru Singhal said...

Nice post with some lovely pictures. Hope you are better now...

Being_AC said...

@ MyKitchen Flavors-BA,

Many many thanks for your warm Diwali treat, I sincerely wish the same to you & others too.

Sorry! I unable to post my one due to some exigencies..
With due affection.

@ Saru,
Thanks for your attention!
Yes better, a little time, treat & rest will do the needful.
Best of luck. Atanu

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Lovely pictures, provides a nice insight into life in the north east.

Being_AC said...

@ Ramakant Pradhan,

A very nice approach from your end also. Many thanks for the comments.
I visited your blog, again I will come back to see your creative displays.. Hope your progress.