21 March 2011


        This is the life force that has evolved in evolution to human being, the vitality & the emotions that it rules, as second dimension.
          This life force dynamics us with its energy and accordingly to its character is the quality of our emotions and relationships.
          The Emotions are the result of its play within us, liking, attracting & repelling to people around, binding us socially. It adds colour to each experience of life and to our relationship with things and with people.

          Unfortunately, most of us have never consciously trained our Emotions, as a result of which often enters in emotional conflicts, as fights, anger, raising voices, acting insistently, certainly not the best expression of our Emotions.
          Moreover, our Emotional state is closely bound to our level of energy and enthusiasm. It is therefore imperative for us to develop, refine our Emotional nature. When we are emotionally depressed, loose energy, when emotionally optimistic our energy returns. Thus the Emotional control and refinement is desirable, so that they flow pure & spontaneous, becomes the colours of life and enriching them with joy, sweetness & love, where humanity grows in its collective life.

          What we need to do! Is to communicate the experience itself for inculcating Values, get into Enact Situations, Introspect on different Situations, and do with Personality, Character development, Conscious effort to work together with others. That is the process of developing the Emotional awareness, control & eventually commands.

          Then, the aspect of Emotional training is cultivating and refinement of the emotions, that is to rise towards higher potential and to sensitize & subtilize the emotional nature, to awaken the aesthetic dimension of our experience. It is this cultivating and refining that makes life beautiful.
          If you want to manifest your highest potential, your truth, your beautiful vision and hopes and dreams, it is possible only by cultivating your emotions & developing your aesthetic capacity, to express yourself in the most harmonious forms.
Innocent Vitality & Emotion
          Let’s hope to bring out that possibility and organizing it in every detail of life, so that everything becomes meaningful & beautiful & satisfying, with respect to our desire, aim, direction & purpose.

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