17 November 2010

ASPIRATION of the SOUL......

       Everybody...is a soul in evolution.

       An order and rhythm to grow through awakening knowledge in mind, heart & body as an obvious experience.

       Within the working of the Nature & Tradition, the inhabiting soul has four distinct modes of Aspiration and expression, on the basis of which lies realms of self actualization.

       As the modes, all four Aspirations are within each one of us, but one of them stands out, and that determines the general direction of our seeking and our value system.

       The four ASPIRATIONS are towards:-
1) KNOWLEDGE : Those who want to know, understand, analyse, share
& play with ideas. To learn and to know is reward in itself.

2) FORCE & POWER : Those who enjoy taking up challenges, expressing courage, leading the way & achieving results. A natural leader & adventurous.

3) ORGANISATION & WEALTH : Those who seek plenitude through mutual benefit, want to organize life to increase wealth & production. An advantage  to bargain and accumulate.

4) SERVICE & PERFECTION : Which gives deep satisfaction to be of help to others, to care for others, prefer to work quietly on your own in meticulous and precise details.

A Seasonal  Family- Inca
         Notice these all tendencies among others and self. These facets is the innate urge of self actualization. Now find, Which kind of activity gives you the deepest satisfaction?.. It's alone that describes  which Aspiration predominated & one's psychological type. The combined utilization can give deepest satisfaction in life, because of fulfillment of the deepest purpose for which our soul has taken Birth, achieve real success in life and grow to highest potential.                                                                

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