12 May 2012

Summer Elevation-II, Vinca (G-25)

            I already introduced my visitors with the summer Elevation Series through post No.Garden-23. In continuation shown versatile & colourful Portulaca (Garden-24) as on 6th. May'2012, here comes the next variety...projected prominently. 
        I do hereby given stress on visualization instead of information's, maximum number of pictures, instead of increasing number of posts...

        Enjoy viewing the flowers as much you can! because the pleasure of growing is my copy-right...

1. Portulaca: A nice short lived ground cover type plant, also known as ‘Sun rose’ or even Moss Rose. The Portulaca flowers are easy to grow, prefer full sunlight good for high heat. It’s a wonderful plant, having cylindrical foliage which retains moisture.
2. Vinca: Also called ‘Periwinkle’ and is a popular amongst gardeners.  Not only blooms are attractive but their foliage sets the flow of flashy flowers colour. It’s a reliable ornamental plant and colour includes dark violet, white, red, pink  etc. A member of ‘Apocynaceae’ family grows at hot weather, height between 8 to 12 inches, full sun is best for growth.

3. Zinnia: A perennial plant with long stemmed flowers comes in a variety of colour… even multi colour, both miniature and giant variety. It’s a popular garden flower, grown from seeds and full sun, easy to grow at hot climate. The flowers appearances… from single row of petals to the dome shaped variety, a hardy plant with terminal flower heads.

4. Sunflower (Teddy Bear): A common variety to occupy a garden at summer, there are number of species. One of which is dwarf ‘teddy bear’.. Annual plant for beds or pots appears as thriller, blooms within 2 months of showing. Golden yellow fully double, well arranged and uniform bush, it is attractive.

5. Kochia: Grace the garden… ‘Bassia Scoparia’ . An erect much brunched summer member of Goosefool family, reproduced from seeds. The stems are round; leaves are narrow, hairy bright green & pale yellow. It adds beauty during summer along with flower plants.

6. Cosmos: A popular garden flower, leaves are simple and arranged in opposite pairs, having variable colours. It appreciates moist condition...full sun, do not require much care. There are winter varieties. 

                    You are now watching Vinca... A current affairs.

                                                        Thank you!
           ** This summer not sufficient number of Vinca planted,       altogether its twenty four and not grown in the beds.
Few pictures taken in support of flush gun.

Next release will be exclusive 'Zinnia' in the Summer Elevation-II series.

Atanu Chatterjee (Avibration)


vinisha said...

beautiful clicks sir .....vibrant and fresh :) :)

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

The beauty of nature is so well captured in these pics. Love the way you introduce your posts. Adds a totally unique dimension to the reader's pleasure (though the copyright still remains yours).

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ vinisha,
Thank you very much to appreciate the flowers. May watch the previous..
Courageous & confident.:) Good wishes.

@ Subhorup Dasgupta,
Many thanks to favour with such expression & attempt to dimensinalize.:)
You are right, my little effort is to offer pleasure, conscious about usefulness & information, besides everything from a non professional & self gainer point of view. Here comes the difference.:)
Best of luck.

abhinavr said...

Beautiful set of flowers! I have Rosy Periwinkle in my garden.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Abhinav,
Thank you Abhinav,
I have seen your nice garden flowers, this variety is hybrid.

Wish progress,BOL

Saru Singhal said...

Seriously Sir, no one can ever take that copyright from you. We must actually take a workshop from you. Thanks a million for the entire series.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru,
Believe me, everyone can achieve the state, it's a consistent & sincere involvement for a long period of time prepares for the purpose. Yes! some study on the subject from different angles enrich the performance.
Now, cyberspace opened access for every needs. Frankly speaking,the credit goes to my visitors like you.
Henceforth, I will try to apply some mind to this area.. My heartiest gratitude for your appreciation. Thank you & stay happy.