06 May 2012

Exclusive Summer Elevation-II; G-(24)

        Already an introductory post released Summer Elevation-Garden(23); where I conveyed the varieties which I managed to plant… this summer, along with their visual status & relevant information’s.

        Now, I like to project the looks & appearance of the flowers as blooming started profusely, gradually from April onwards. However, there are some varieties, which not yet bloomed, but the buds are visible like sun flower.

        To manage the series, I decided to create formation of the posts on ‘Exclusive’ pattern. That is, giving introduction of six summer varieties, but a set of pictures will be release for one variety (boldly described) only at a time; the reason can easily be assessed.

        Surely! Will enjoy the lovely effect of ‘Portulaca’ and it’s cute & vibrant identity expressed through forty two images from my garden…stage by stage increasing intensity of flowerings.                         

1. Portulaca: A nice short lived ground cover type plant, also known as ‘Sun rose’ or even Moss Rose. The Portulaca flowers are easy to grow, prefer full sunlight good for high heat. It’s a wonderful plant, having cylindrical foliage which retains moisture.

2. Vinca: Also called ‘Periwinkle’ and is a popular amongst gardeners.  Not only blooms are attractive but their foliage sets the flow of flashy flowers colour. It’s a reliable ornamental plant and colour includes dark violet, white etc. A member of ‘Apocynaceae’ family grows at hot weather, height between 8 to 12 inches, full sun is best for growth.
3. Zinnia: A perennial plant with long stemmed flowers comes in a variety of colour… even multi colour, both miniature and giant variety. It’s a popular garden flower, grown from seeds and full sun, easy to grow at hot climate. The flowers appearances… from single row of petals to the dome shaped variety, a hardy plant with terminal flower heads.

4. Sunflower (Teddy Bear): A common variety to occupy a garden at summer, there are number of species. One of which is dwarf ‘teddy bear’.. Annual plant for beds or pots appears as thriller, blooms within 2 months of showing. Golden yellow fully double, well arranged and uniform bush, it is attractive.

5. Kochia: Grace the garden… ‘Bassia Scoparia’ . An erect much brunched summer member of Goosefool family, reproduced from seeds. The stems are round; leaves are narrow, hairy bright green & pale yellow. It adds beauty during summer along with flower plants.

6. Cosmos: A popular garden flower, leaves are simple and arranged in opposite pairs, having variable colours. It appreciates moist condition...full sun, do not require much care. There are winter varieties.
You are now watching PORTULACA (very short lived flower)... A current affairs!

* All the yellow portulaca singles came out naturally out of the beds...pollination & seed predation dynamics, no cost.:)

The End!

Thanks to watch,

Avibration (Atanu Chatterjee)


abhinavr said...

Beautiful photos and narration on Portulaca !
Waiting for the coming posts in the series...

Seema said...

eautiful flowers and very eautiful pictures....feeling fresh

Saru Singhal said...

WOW, what a beautiful array of color. Thank a ton for sharing Sir...It was a visual treat :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Abhinav,
Thank you Abhinav to express liking this tiny flower. Not much appreciated! but I like this summer variety..
Next garden series will occupy Vinca & Zinnia respectively.
All the best.

Bhavana said...

Oh mother, the flowers are so adorable and charming--like young flamenco dancers!!! Your photos so exquisite that I feel like downloading and making them into a calender so I can stare at them all year long (but of course I will have to make a daily calender to accomodate all your photos:)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Seema,
Many thanks to leave your mark,
The flower graces you as a painter.:) feel happy to watch..

Good luck.

@ Saru,
That's a nice comment a post can achieve! Except one word placed in the middle starts with capital..

Thank you to offer a composite re-treat & inspiration. Stay happy.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Bhavana,
Appreciate your intellectual merit and exclusive 'Bhavana'..

My site has no copy-write.
Thank you to enrich the post.
Good Wishes.

Sakshi Shioramwar said...

I loved the purple and reddish orange ones!!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Sakshi Shioramwar,
Thank you for your visit and spontaneous response to the post.
Choose the rare colours.:)
These flowers can be seen daily half a day, life is 2/3 days.
Good wishes.