12 February 2012

The Science of Living…

 The Science of Living...Life…
        Without aim, life is always miserable. Thus, one should have an aim in life. Remember! That on the quality of your aim depend the quality of life…The aim should be high & wide; generous & true to make you precious to yourself and to others…

        Now, towards perfect realization of your ‘ideal’ one have to realize perfection in yourself. To work for perfection the first step is to become conscious of self. To know the different parts of your being and their respective activities, you may find out the origin of movements…impulses, reactions & wills. These deserve perseverance and sincerity.

        If we truly want to progress and acquire the capacity of knowing the truth of our being, then eliminate whatever contradicts the truth of our existence.                              

        This work of unification demands some degree of perfection. To accomplish it we must be patient and achieve endurance with a determination, as far as it is necessary for the success of our endeavour.

        In pursuing purification & unification, we must take care to perfect the external & internal parts of our being.
        When the truth will manifest, it must find your mental being and to express itself which preserves its force and clarity. The words must find in you sufficient power of expression, to reveal the thoughts… and articulate in all your sentiment, willing, acts & all the movements, while these movements should attain their perfection.

        All this can be realized by means of discipline, the starting point is psychic, the seat of the truth of our existence. It is the capital importance to become conscious of its presence, to concentrate and make it a living fact and identify ourselves.

        To achieve the identification, find out which suits the best, with sincere and steady aspiration, persistent & dynamic will. One is sure to meet in one way or another… externally by study and instruction; internally by concentration, meditation, revelation & experience to reach the goal, through psychological, religious or mechanical methods…

        The vital must be trained, being the seat of impulse & desire of enthusiasm & dynamic energy of passion, can set in motion everything, build up and release; the most difficult part to train. It requires patience and demand sincerity. With collaboration of the vital no realization seems impossible. At these moments one must remain quiet, keep alive the flame of aspiration & the consciousness of the ideal, and awaken in it the goodwill.

        By means of a rational physical education, body strong & supple so that it may become a fit instrument for the truth from which wills to manifest, having a capacity of adaption and endurance. In this sound and balance life, reflect the harmony, give it the perfect proportions and the ideal beauty of form. This harmony will be progressive for the truth.

        As we rise this degree of perfection, which is the goal, made up of four attributes of the truth… love, knowledge, power & beauty
The will to discover and realize is indispensable…
        Whatever we do, whatever our occupation and activity, the will to find the truth of our being and to unite it must always be living, what we do, experience and think.

        To complete this movement of inner discovery, the mental development is essential, so that a synthesis is found which unites the two contraries, with comprehensive ideas and elevation of thought

        That of educating the mind and establishing control over feelings and their results, by undertaking exercises, since mind is not an instrument of knowledge, it cannot find knowledge, but must be moved by knowledge… It is an instrument of formation, organization & action.

        By progress of these functions that it attain its full value and real utility. The progress of consciousness one must try to understand other’s point of view, wherever there is disagreement on any matter and find out a solution which can reasonably satisfy both…

Concept: Sri Aurobindo's philosophy.
N:B: The picture is taken from a famous photograph..


Dee........ said...

Excellent post sir..
words in BOLD are great :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Morning & thank you Deepak,
Do agree those bold words are Excellent values & qualities..
Following can be greatest.:)BOL

Akshay Kumar G said...

Inspiring post :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Akshay Kumar G,
Many thanks Akshay to endorse inspiration to think more..:)
The bold words are lying with you..
Wish remarkable progress..

Saru Singhal said...

Great post, I liked what you said about Goodwill...We need to learn a lot...

Thanks :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Nice observation 'Saru'
An integral investment..
Nothing impossible.:) with good aim & will..
Many thanks.

Arnie said...

The quintessential words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing from the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Arnab Maity,
Thanks a lot Arnab,
You are absolutely to the point:) essence of anything & everything..
Wish your concentration.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is the little changes that produce the greatest changes.

Many thanks for sharing!

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