22 November 2011

Relationship dynamics with a "Blog"...

                                 Relationship dynamics with a "Blog"...
        This question arises in my mind…What is the relationship that I can have or should have with my virtual child? At least which will help myself to flow and awakens conscious & knowledge!

        A real encounter...I don’t know whether anyone confronted with this kind of reality or not! When, I have willingly proposed its existence, with a name... keeping in view that everyone emanates vibration and constitutes its own atmosphere, even may brings in contact with corresponding vibrations…Thus, it’s my responsibility to discover the possibilities…

        According to my understanding, there are three kinds of relationship that I can afford with this blog (child?)…

        The most obvious and common is the relationship of Authority… "I am the boss", you are a new born child, obey me entirely what I command & submit… “Don’t try to make me confused or disturbed”… It is useful sometimes, but on the whole it is more harmful than helpful, because child’s abstract mind & heart may respond by closing up..

       If I want to get the child (Blog) to grow like a flower…then it require & have to give it soil, water, air, sunlight and time to bloom in purpose and potential. Thus I must become a Friend, a guide and a mentor, so that it trusts this ideal relationship. Sometimes, it may take advantages out of this approach. Anyway, not at all it is wrong to be in loving…my brain child (Blog),rather necessary, even may be essential...

       But, often we confuse love with indulgence. True love is a love backed by strength, otherwise it become dependence. Yes! I can love always, but I also must know where to draw the line with discipline and behavior. I not yet established a relationship of friendship in a free and open flow with my child (Blog?)… I know a meaningful relationship I can have!

       There is a third option possible! The first was one of authority, the second was one of friendship and there is a third which I can apply by becoming a blogger!( a character) …learnt this! know this! have this!...do that! follow them! visit there! don’t assess! do listen it! give comment!... May find something unusual, might opens the vulnerable core... That moment can influence or determine a course of absolute involvement in life. An attachment is the binding element of this relationship on which knowledge likely to flow. Again, love is the basis of the relationship.  However, it should be detached and utter self giving, pour all that is in possession.

        Interestingly, my non carbonic & non organic brain child (Blog?), has its own space, freedom and networks (92-1=91); post approaching 80 with more than 2500 views in its credit. However,the modus-operandi is beyond my intellect’s reach, promotion!…another mystery. Even I conducted some study with respect to different .…ing’s/ism’s. On the basis of which found better to maintain status-co, at least not indulge any transactions or switch to have more gains kind of association…

        It’s a real encounter of an inability, to adopt a certain relationship... But, at the onset of the plan, decided to grow my child with resources, which is either Interesting or Informative or Useful! That perception is still prominent and proactive…

        As long as, my child has one or more guests, possess my own quest, I am not going to deprive sequences of posts… I introduce with genuine well wishers too; do kindly say I respect all… My most presentations are a Reality & sign of reciprocity, from where generates spontaneous motivation… Most often I failed to ensure justice, I am aware of it, a consequence of helplessness.

        In spite of this image, I wish to have a relation! Preferably the second option, don’t know when it’s going to materialize, because of my limitations. 
        My Child (Blog?) is not alone, as long as I share my effort and the matter & issues are under my control. I also love and care my Child; even I can deny what it wants when necessary. Equally, respect those who like my child and request to realize, what can be the status of relation being recommend by a virtual premature child (Blog)?

       Dear Blogger! Is it necessary to have a relation? Apart from existing casual encounter, with this virtual potential? When I am confined & happy with the real situations! Suggestion please… Yes! In any case withdrawal of affiliation cannot be ruled out, on condition of denial of any form of mental satisfaction… Hope! One must agree my persuasion.
       Thanks for the favour to share the burden.


Achyuth said...

Hey, very different post :)
I'm more inclined to follow the second option though. But hey, it's gonna be a long time before I make that choice :P

If you could spare a few minutes, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be really really grateful, every read, feedback and vote means a lot to me Sir :)


joel fernandes said...

i had to read each line veryslowly till i understood the essence of it.really great stuff avi, you got a way with words,keep writing (blogging) :)

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Achyuth,
Thanks for the visit, invitation & honest seeking..
The desired action taken.
Wish your success.

@ joel fernandes,
Many thanks for your valued presence & opinion.
Purposeful writhing is my living mode, but in this virtual world (blogging) yet uncertain :)
Best of luck.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

nice post

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thanks Rajendra,
To pay your visit & leaving a favorable comment.
Best of luck.