22 October 2011

"Cam Sense" - Arunachal Trip,Oct'11- (4/10)

ARUNACHAL PRADESH-  Tour scheduled from 5th to 11th October'2011, with objective to explore the beauty of a hill state.
I certainly mention my route and destination, while gradually release Nature's Signature in brief...
Let me categorizes in the following  order...

 1.  BOMDILA (released post no.1/10 dated 19.10.11)
 2.  TAWANG (released post no.2/10 dated 20.10.11)
 3.  SELA PASS & MADHURI LAKE (Tawang)...( released post no.3/10 dated 20.10.11)   
 4.  WAR MEMORIAL & MILITARY Vigilance ( this post...)

 The following posts will come gradually...
 5.  MONASTERY ( Tawang & Bomdila)  6.  TRIBAL CULTURE  7.  DIRANG 

In continuation to earlier three releases, this post in dedicated to War Memorial destinations of Tawang- Arunachal Pradesh. Without details you itself judge the vibrancy...

I have not tried to describe the photographs, so that  its purity remain intact.. Enjoy the ambiance, colour, depth, wideness, wildness & Beauty... Be informed, the journey involves rise to altitude about 16,000 ft plus height and temperature equivalent to snow fall conditions. Unfortunately, not seen snow at footstep. But it was equally fascinating...

War Memorial, Jaswant Garh (Sela pass) In memory of  Jaswant Singh, who held the chinese Invaders for more than 72 hours along with two solders, and after being held hanged there!
Even today the Military personnel's consider it as pilgrimage & treats as a Temple with honor and pride...

The canteen from where they serve the tourists ( snacks & tea etc.)

End of War memorial.. Jaswant Garh!
WAR MEMORIAL: Tawang... Those who sacrifices their lives in the India-China War, 1962 (2420 dead soldiers).There Individuals names and rank been embossed in 32 black granites. Constructed in 1997 blessed by Dalai  Lama.

The bunkers of the War!...way ahead

A closer look (Bunker)

May find number of such  bunkers in the way

As a matter of fact, the entire Tawang, where we stayed two nights & three days has been captured by Chinese Invaders in 1962, even reached up to Bombila.

Due to obvious reason, sharing has been restricted. However,I am fortunate to use my handy-cam exclusively and recorded some valuable memoirs & information's of the War... In the near future, I will share the facts without photographs...

Good wishes.


Saru Singhal said...

Now I know how to plan a trip to AP. Lovely picture of this beautiful place. And thanks for sharing!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thank you Saru!

I may let you know more at the time of actual visit :) By way of contacts & mech. data etc. Be sure of it..
Hope your progress..

bemoneyaware said...

Wow..the posts are tempting to visit AP. Shall check it again when we make the plan to visit it!

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ bemoneyaware,
Many thanks for the visit.
And wish favorable plan of you visit there.
Most welcome again!Best of luck.

umashankar said...

It was a treat going through the post.

Prabhavathi said...

nice pictures.Thanks for sharing

Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ umasankar,
Equally it a matter of privilege treat of a post, as personal experience..
Thanks for appreciable response.
Festive good wishes.

@ Prabhavathi,

A nice approach spirit too:)
Thanks for vetting..
My good wishes.