19 October 2011

" Cam Sense" - Arunachal Trip efficacy,Oct'11- (1/10)

ARUNACHAL PRADESHA preplanned tour schedule from 5th to 11th October'2011, with objective to explore the beauty of a hill state. Naturally, before the journey some home work is necessary to collect relevant information's about prospective locations, places of importance etc. Here, its not so important to share the same because now a days its easily available on web...

But, I certainly mention my route and destination, while gradually release Nature's Signature in brief...
 Let me categorises in the following  order.

 4.  WAR MEMORIAL & MILITARY Vigilance. 
 5.  MONASTERY ( Tawang & Bomdila)

 Without elaborating, see the glimpses of the journey to Bomdila which is 350 KM from Guwahati.
Take off from Kolkata to Guwhati (4.10.11)

The arrangement was organized by the Assam Tourism Development Corporation limited...Courtesy: New Travellor's Point.
It's a complete road journey of about 1460 KM to and fro by the vehicle provided by the operator..
It's proven to be right when we given a Scorpio... 

ATDCL- Prashaanti Tourist Lodge(Guwahati)

On reaching Guwahati we have been  accomodated at  Prashaanti Tourist Lodge, unit of ATDCL.

On 5th Oct.'11 we started at 7.30 AM to en route up to Bomdila through Assam & Etanagar, reached Bhhalukpong at lunch time about 1.30 PM. Here we entered the Hill State Arunachal Pradesh on verification of internal permit of all Individuals including children, vehicle & drivers identity.After lunch break restarted for bomdila. Watch the scenic beauty...

A nice tribal hospitality where we stayed..

Bomdila from balcony

A closer view where we stayed at Bomdila!
Reached Bomdila at about 6.00 PM, the picture of Bombila township taken at the morning of 6th Oct. After breakfast we have proceed to Tawang about 187 KM from Bomdila after site seeing... Follow next (2/10)... Thanks


henry J said...

fantastic shots! can you tel me what camera you are using?

Short Video clip. Blind Dreams
Life is beautiful, the way it is...

Being_AC said...

Many thanks Henry J,

It's Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 MP performance.
visited yours.. very professional one,
Wish your progress.

magiceye said...


Being_AC said...

Many thanks magiceye,

It could be much better if I could have a Magic Eye there :)
Really! it's beyond camera capacity to capture.. Meant for viewing.
You certainly follow, coming actual heavenly Tawang.. Thanks

Saru Singhal said...

Beautiful shots and thanks for sharing! Waiting for the sequel...

Being_AC said...

Thanks Saru,
Happy to share..
Eager to finish the commitment!


Sudhagee said...

I have never visited the northeast and with posts like yours I realise what all I am missing out on. Hopefully, in 2012, I will be able to visit that region.

Nitin Jain said...

awesome locations..I have been thinking of visiting Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal for 6 years now :)! Thanks for sharing

Being_AC said...

@ Sudhagee,
Thanks you for the visit.
Frankly speaking, you not missed much. Bcoz its preferred only when all other Himalayan ranges are complete including Nepal/Bhutan..
My 1st visit to Assam was limited to Guwahati,Shillong ,Cherapunjee & Kaziranga jungle safari..

@ Nitin Jain,
Many thanks..
You certainly visit Sikkim if not Northeast. I like Sikkim much & visited 4 times.
In AP we were so near to Himalaya but not visible like other locations.. Good wishes

Prabhavathi said...

your pics are treat for eyes...

Being_AC said...

@ Prabhavathi,
Thanks for leaving an impression.
It's a quality observation on you part..
Stay happy..