26 August 2011

Natural point for PEACE!

          As everyone is convince that Peace itself is a different experience of human nature. Also aware that Peace pre-exists and one can evoke it into us…

          When Peace enters your mind... your brain… it brings silence on its own, without much struggle. The peace will be have advantage not only for the mind but also for the emotions and most important for the power.

           To face the difficulties in life, you need intensity of power to deal with the difficulties and this ‘Peace’ is one of the ways through which you may lay the foundation to hold power. The knowledge and power need a solid foundation of peace to hold its full capacity. It’s this knowledge and power to be helpful for the rest of your life, secured from the foundation of Peace...

            A sensation in itself…locate the natural point for Peace.

          Through earlier post " Mind works through Brain!", you come to know, that heart is the point for the emotions and the center of eyebrows was the point for the mind.

          There is a natural focal point for peace which is just above the head, one or two centimeters, where the individual consciousness connects to the whole Universe. If you just touch the top of your head lightly and let go above…you feel the sensation just above your head. Now, if you move your hand above it without touching the head, you will feel something is touching, though physically nothing is.
A center of Peace!
         This is the centre….That’s the point you should concentrate on and then you will try to become aware of the Peace which is above. This region of peace already exists here and then consciously you need to draw if into the skull…That’s it.. Isn’t interesting! Thus, conceive profoundly helpful peace in life, knowing the exact place of its existence.

          By the way… chanting ‘OM’, a natural sound that resonates and bring peace into us, what is known to all and it’s our old heritage…

          To bring down peace, sit straight; draw the awareness to the point of head where you feel this sensation provoked by the touch. Now dwell on that sensation, feel into that point. All worries fall apart and feel the silence extending all around. Listen to the silence, feel its gravity, even sound intrudes…silence exists. The silence is the medium in which the sound moves. 

         Feel the silence which supports all the sounds. Notice it as a character, extending from above your head in all directions. The peace from above gradually enters your head and spreads into your brain, further spreads extending its soothing cool feel, pleasant warmth…till the whole body is filled with peace…

         Realize now the state of your emotions, of your thoughts, they or both becomes silent. This base of peace is the foundation of all higher attainments.

         To keep peace & to concentrate is the way to be cured of anything and everything. Bring Peace in your cells...


Saru Singhal said...

I strongly believe in the power of Om and I will practice the method you said. Nice post...

Yash said...

Peace...what we are all looking for but can never find...
I lead a very very stressful life (engineering aspirant, you see). I really need some peace in my hectic life.
Thanks for this post. I will surely practise chanting 'Om'. :)
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Atanu Chatterjee said...

@ Saru!
Welcome to the post..
Your believe reflects in ur 'Words'.
Practice makes one perfect,maintain the spirit,sure to achieve the last para..

@ Yash,
Thank you to approach 'Peace'..
You r in a dilemma, rather than stress :):)
You missed my presence
at ur post 'The Tablet Revolutionary' vide sl no 47. Only do concentrate ur activities with time management tech.

Best of luck.

Christy gerald said...

I was not in peace when I visited this blog.My Laptop crashed today - after getting screwed up by some hackers since it wd be tough for me to start frm zero..but I surely believe peace comes with prayer.Thanks for the post.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thanks! Christy gerald,

Indeed,you r in a difficult situation, that's not a problem!
A problem can disturb peace..Try & take help to remove d difficulty, peace will restore automatically.

Best of luck.