14 August 2011

Let’s Cultivate, Refine our Emotions!

          The aspect of emotional refinement is cultivating to rise towards a higher potential and to sensitize the emotional nature of an individual.

          It is necessary to awaken and enrich the aesthetic dimension of our experience, without which the Joy and Beauty of life are missed. And this cultivating and refining makes life beautiful.

          Do consider what would life be, if your house is painted with dark flat red or green colour? One may say modern art! But that’s insensitivity! Actually, a house painted with light contrast colours makes it beautiful! This difference makes it worthwhile, when beauty is the expression of Divinity in matter.

          Similarly, if we want to manifest our highest potential, our truth, our beautiful vision, hopes & dreams, it is possible only by cultivating our Emotions. Then we will become capable to express ourselves in the most harmonious forms.

          Reasonably, cultivating one’s Emotion is the bringing out of that possibilities, organizing or management in every details of life, so that everything becomes meaningful, beautiful & satisfying.

          Now, the ways & means to go with cultivating Emotions!...

          The best ways are through literature, writing, poetry, music, dance, paintings etc. because they can best help to bring out all these immortal qualities within us. In this context, it is equally important to mention the parents (existing & prospective) to provide their children the right opportunity for healthy growth and encourage their creative activities, to make the consciousness open and receptive, and mind creative!

Emotional Credibility
          In our system of Education these facets are not being considered as integral part, but as extra-curricular or co-curricular activities. However, from these talent zones we got so many great personalities, even creates professional opportunities.

          An interesting observation:-

          Can you define? What is one common “Quality” that embraces all members from the consortium of indiblogger's?

         According to believe! All are here because they are refining their Emotions, the only common quality, knowingly or unknowingly! irrespective of all adversities and differences of status, age, location etc.

          I also with little resources, cultivating my emotions here, being a non writer or poet, non analyst or critic, till I enjoy the proceedings of control & regulation.

          Finally, I will be happy to be proved wrong! so far my exclusive observation is concern.


Saru Singhal said...

I totally agree with the choice of color for the house. Moving forward, I would like to add that to cultivate our emotions, one thing we should do is to put ourselves in the shoes to others. This will increase our sensitivity and makes us more emotional. Great post again. Your blog reader becomes a better person, after each of your post.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Yes Saru!
Your addition has no scope for abstraction or divisions...
Enjoyed the metaphysics,my visitors r genuinely better persons, not by chance but by choice!

MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

This is my second visit here.Great post.Luved reading it.Nice blogging 2.

Atanu Chatterjee said...

Thank! MyKitchen Flavors...
To add flavor to the post through ur skill & art of cooking.Do visit again.