23 March 2011

The Collaboration of Psychological Forces...

Living phenomena (Pansy)
          Our psychological phenomenon is always subject to various factors like urges & influences, desires & tendencies, prompting & drives, half known or secrets, open or camouflaged, and all these originates from inside or from the outside environment of the World.

          These various forces combine and jostle together to form our Psychological Resultant, like the polygon of forces in Physics, and the said resultant is the root of our action & reactions. But interestingly, we vainly pride ourselves on our claims, to act always as free agents.

          Actually to become really free! Look within and analyze carefully the nature of this driving resultant. Ask three questions in particular…What? How? & Why?
          What is the exact character of the RESULTANT? That is trying to push to any particular action or reaction. Then how the RESULTANT did arise, gain in intensity and grasp. Finally why did this RESULTANT appear at this moment to its active manifestation?

          On the basis of analysis, find your psychological consciousness on the surface will, be prompt enough to furnish an explanation which will be pleasant and justifiable, so that one’s action or reaction or decision may seems to be proper and right.

          This will certainly do, if you would like to act & react as genuinely free being and not surrender to hidden psychological forces.


Saru Singhal said...

I will try doing this. Hope I get some result...

Being_AC said...

Absolutely!d strategy is purified truth.